Saturday, November 1, 2008

Food is not digesting! Help!

Okay I need some food ideas. For a week now I have been sickish to my stomach. The flu hit hard on Monday and I havent recovered. Everything I eat now gives me indigestion or worse. My stomach aches continually and when I eat it all sours during the digestive process. Okay now that may be too much info but what in thunder do I do? Are there certain foods that will settle the stomach? Since Wednesdays weigh in (recall I weighed in a day early) I have gained 2 pounds while not eating more than usual. Nothing though seems to be digesting. I obviously still have a virus. So help me people. What foods should I eat? I even considered fasting to give the entire digestive system a rest. Im desperate here!


  1. for ME it's always rice, oatmeal and soup.

    have you already done the oats thing? PLAIN?

    or plain waffles (Im lazy so they are frozen special k :))??

  2. my doc is big on the BRATT diet for stomach issues..........bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, and tea

    I hope you feel better soon. Keep pushing the water. As far as medicine goes, alka selzer works great for me

  3. Avoid dairy and citrus!

    I've been told to give my kids the BRATT diet when they were sick.

    Have you tried chicken noodle soup or chicken broth?

    My sister says the best thing for an upset stomach is bird's nest soup. I've never had it, but she says it cures her nearly every time.

  4. I tried the chicken soup and it does make me feel better momentarily. Ive never heard of oatmeal being used for that. But rice is another thing. Yes, I think I'll try the Bratt diet. I am sick of a bloated and hurting stomach.

  5. My daughter is an ER nurse and she also suggested the BRATT diet. She also said to make sure to drink plenty of fluids. (water, gatorade)
    Hope you feel better soon,

  6. I meant to tell you this before, but you need probiotics! Google it- we eat loads of things with that in it. The best thing you could possibly ingest is kefir. It has like 50 good powerful bacteria and yeasts that will kill off that bad dudes and keep your digestive system healthy. Even though I had been taking high quality probiotic supplements for a couple of years, until I started the kefir, I still had issues with IBS and routine stomach upset. do it!! It boosts your immunity to catching bugs too.


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