Thursday, November 13, 2008

I think i can I think I can

Okay so I did a little better today. The last three days have steadily gotten closer to the 1200 calories I usually eat. I even took a walk today. Im keeping my fingers crossed that I finally have this train wreck back on track. I have been derailed since Halloween. I know that's only two weeks but in the weight loss realm that feels like a life cycle!

I find that when I think of this as a program I am on for good health I have better success. I tell myself to just work the program. Right now my program is getting out and walking every day, drinking a quart of water a day and sticking to 1200 calories. I know you're aghast that I wrote a quart but you see I live on coffee and have for years. I can go day after day without a drink of water if left to my own devices. If I could actually get 4cups of water down my body would think it was drowning. I know for you water guzzlers that is pitiful but for me its an accomplishment.

Even in the walking arena I don't put a limit on what I am suppose to do. My program is to just get out there and walk. It counts if I walk five minutes or 25 minutes. It doesn't matter. The program I made for myself says to walk every day, drink 4 glasses of water and stick with 1200 calories. Its just that simple!

I can do this!


  1. Oh yes you CAN do this! Keep it up!

  2. it is that simple. not necessarily the execution but the plan you set....the not overthinking or over analyzing just DOING.


  3. Those four pounds are going to be gone in no time!

  4. Simple is the way to go!!


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