Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Moving to Protein

I am so tired. My weight is still up in spite of the fact that I haven't changed anything. I'm not worried because I know the trend is downward. I am feeling blue though because I am sick...again. This time though it's because of my cycle instead of the flu. After 48 days I finally get it and now Im drained. I'm sure my weight is reflecting this awful time too. Man this so draining. Lets just say I cant wait until menopause is over. It seems like it will be with me a lifetime!

I am going to make a radical move here and cut out almost all carbs for a couple of days to get my blood sugar back on track from Halloween and to curb the sugar cravings. Eating right is fun and almost effortless when the blood sugar is under control. I threw mine off over Halloween and it hasn't righted itself. So for the rest of the "weigh in week" I am going to stick to protein. To help myself do that I will post what I eat here. I am going to do this actually until Friday. It takes a good three days to bring my health back around.

Hope your week is going better than mine.


  1. keeping in the fruit and veggie carbs?

    regardless---lemmie know if I can help you brainstorm protein ideas!

  2. yes i am keeping the veggie carbs. thanks for the offer of help~ Youre sweet!

  3. if I run out of protein ideas, I will do a half a scoop of protein powder with each of my 5 mini meals ;).........then I know I'm getting it in without overdoing it

  4. OOhhh that's what has been happening. I have to learn about blood sugar and effect on cravings and such. I got way too much of that leftover halloween candy. Anyone want some, lol.
    I joined a gym but have only gone 2 times. Hopefully this will help me finally get back on track to loosing.
    I'm the same....150.
    Tell us more about the sugar effects on the body. Mabey I will learn something. I hope you feel better...sending a hug via internet your way.


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