Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weigh In week 32

Another weigh in. Before we get started I want to assure Vanessa that I will indeed do a post on the sugar effects of the body. I have studied it in depth because of my 35 year battle with hypoglocemia.

I know my body well. I really do. I used to be able to tell you exactly why I gained and exactly why I lost and why I got tired and why I have energy. I was able to do this because I had evaluated and watched this body of mine do its thing for all these 40 odd years. But now, what I thought I knew about myself doesn't hold true cause strange things are happening. You see the body and the effect food and hormones had on it was all mapped out to me but now comes Menopause! I now know very little about my body. Its like being a two year old all over again with 40 years of knowledge about the workings of my body just shot to smithereens.

In menopause nothing is certain. What worked before doesn't work now. If your cycle was 28 days and lasted 3 days for 30 years it is now every 14 days and lasts seven of those 14 days. Just as one gets used to that you go 48 days like I just did and then TOM arrives and then it lasts 3 days, days where in you think you will die, but suddenly poof its gone only to return 7 days later and last 8 days.

This my friends is the story of my life. This week Tom came after 48 days. This week I gained 4 pounds. There is no rhyme and no reason to it. I didn't eat out. I didn't have fast food. I didn't eat a huge dinner. Nothing happened. Its just that simple. Its not the fault of the scales either because I have one of those doctors scales where you have to move the weights. Those scales don't mess up! You cant shift around on them and change the reading!

So 4 pounds it is. Next week I am going to lose those 4 pounds and come back with my weight last week. I promise you.

Time to weigh in.

Mrs darling) + 4
Rachelle) -1
New Me) 0
Vanessa) 0


  1. Even though I haven't reached that stage in life yet I can still empathize with you some. After the birth of each of my children, my cycle was irregularly regular for at least a year. I had a fourteen day cycle of seven days of PMS and seven days of TOM. Actually, my cycle just went back to about a 30-33 day cycle at the beginning of this year. My youngest will be four in Dec.

    The past couple of days, I was dreading weigh-in. My ankles were swollen and my tummy felt swollen. I weighed myself this morning and I lost 3 pounds. I'll bet it was all water weight.

  2. i stayed the same but am hoping for a good loss next week.....keeping my fingers crossed that I'm not on a plateau!

  3. Hang in there, Mrs. D. You are my hero.
    I'm still not back down to the 24lbs loss I attained over a month ago. :-( Hubby is doing so well... I don't have good excuses anymore, I just started eating too much.

  4. and you will. I love the line I KNOW MY BODY WELL.

    that, my friend , is so so much of the battle huh?

  5. Yeah...I lost 1 pound


  6. My total lost should now be 13 and my total to go should be 77.



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