Thursday, November 20, 2008

My dieting self described to a T

EDIT: The link is found here. Its sign up for a magazine so you have to go through the signup process and stuff to get it. Thats why I didnt post the link originally.

I took an online diet test to see what kind of dieter I am and oh my goodness, did it ever come out true to life. This is me in a nutshell! Listen to this!

Your eating personality is Fruitless Feaster

The Fruitless Feaster enjoys a colorless, plain meat-and-potatoes type diet with the exception of the odd glass of juice or piece of fruit. Your main food choices are proteins, breads, pastas, desserts and, of course, fats. When you skip eating low-calorie, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, you also miss out on their powerful cancer- and heart disease-fighting nutrients.

Your exercising personality is Rain Check Athlete

Rain Check Athletes are busy people who would like to work out if they only had the time. You're tired of canceling workout dates and accumulating more rain checks. You're frustrated because exercise is important to you but you just don't know how to fit it in. The most exercise you've had lately is running to catch a bus while holding your umbrella. Does carrying an umbrella count as resistance training?

Your coping personality is Fast Pacer

Fast Pacers don't know how to slow down their hectic pace of life. You're a productive person with a lot on your plate. You're an expert at juggling and multi-tasking, but you feel frazzled a lot of the time. You see others finding the time during their busy workweek for relaxation or visiting their health club and you wonder when your turn will come.

You’ve got personality... and now you need to tame the eating, exercising and coping habits that caused you to gain weight.

Its like they know me! Well I guess I better change somethings if I want to get the next 50 pounds off!


  1. Sounds like an interesting quiz. Could you post a link to it,,,I'm curious as to my results.

  2. In the comments under the weigh in post below this one bailey leaves a link ot a diet publication thing. It was while I was subscribing to that that I had to take this test. That way they no what diet to plan I guess. Anyway the link is in the comments on the post below this one.

  3. Im too positive I think as I more focused on your YOUVE GOT PERSONALITY!!

    post the link please.

  4. Very interesting, I'd love to see the link too.

  5. You guys the link, as I explained above,is part of a registration for a magazine. You will have to several steps into the registration process to do it, including igving name and email and such. The link is in the comments on the post below this one.

  6. Hey Mrs. D...

    Have not fallen off the face of the earth! Have lost 45 total. Could you update my stats? Thanks!

  7. Argh! You passed me. Thats what I get for messing around. I want us to stay together. See this is what healthy competition is all about! Now I have another reason to get on the ball.LOL


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