Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weigh In week 34

Once again I have to report Wednesdays weight cause I will have no time to weigh in the morning. I am up a pound from two weeks ago but down 2 pounds from 1 week ago! Yep my weight is all over the place. Anyway this morning I weighed 211.5.

How did you do?

New Me) - 2 (way to go girl!)
Mrs darling) + 1.5


  1. here's to the down 2 pounds from a bit ago.

    you can do this and you ARE DOING IT!

  2. After plateauing for several weeks I am down 2 lbs this week to 235. We just need to stick with it :) and we will succeed!

  3. Oops! I forgot about weigh-in. I'm just going to rebel and not do it this week. I already ate some breakfast and I'm feeling cruddy, so I just don't feel like it.

    I hope everyone's weeks went well!

  4. Well guess what? I awoke this morning to my second period for this month. This my friends is why you dont want to wait until you're my age to lose it. Your body messes you up at every turn. Theres not one tiny margin for error if you want to lose weight. At least now I know why I had the struggles the last while but mercy me,this is soooooo frustrating.


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