Thursday, December 18, 2008


Okay, on a whole foods diet what are some things one can eat for breakfast that doesnt need cooked like whole grain cereals. Help!


  1. I'm with you in this dilemma! I am allergic to most of the whole grain cereals so ..... I hard boil eggs for the week on Sunday so I can grab one easily on the run. I also cut up strawberries and bananas and put them in containers ready to grab. Hmmmm, lets see, Larabars and Bumble bars (found at Whole Foods or Trader Joes or online) are also AMAZING in a pinch - Yummy, non processed, and uber healthy. Natural granolas are another great option. I'm not a 'breakfast foods only for breakfast' kinda girl so I also eat cashews, 1 oz of my fav yummy full fat cheese (3 pts on WW but really filling) and then like a piece of fruit. I will also do peanut butter (I make my own) and a banana or apple. Super yummy together. If you can have bread you can combine those and make a great sandwich. I'm sure I can come up with many more options if these don't do it for yah :) Hope that helps some!

  2. Yep Im seeing that fruit and cheese or yogurt may be the answer. The only trader joes around here is about 15 miles a way and in a direction I never go. :(

  3. Cottage cheese? I sometimes spread a little on a piece of whole wheat bread and sprinkle a tiny bit of cinnamon and sugar on top, then put it in the toaster oven till the bread is toasty and the cheese is a little melty. Very satisfying breakfast for me. I got the idea from Weight Watchers years ago.

    Peanut butter is particularly good on a cinnamon bagel, I think.

    Yogurt/fruit/wheat germ smoothie.

    Homemade granola.

  4. I know someone who makes homemade Lara Bar's. She just puts dates, nuts and spices in her food processor. You could add any dried fruit. The end result is calorie-dense, but nutrient-dense as well. The bars cost $1.50 a piece at Trader Joe's- so making them at home can be quite a saving.

  5. I cook up a batch of butermilk wholewheat pancakes/waffles/or muffins once a week and freeze them. Then we can toast them for breakfast.

    I also have made high protein cottage cheese pancakes and while I don't freeze them, they can be toasted. I found the recipe online (I think at Whole Foods site- but definitely I just googled it). These are great if you dot the pancakes with frozen blueberries before you flip them on the griddle.

    Finally- I often cook up a few cups of quinoa, and then in the morning microwave 1/2 c. with 1/2 c. frozen blueberries, then add cinnamon, 1 teas. flax oil and 1 tbs. toasted nuts. Yum!


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