Friday, December 26, 2008

So where am I now

I cant wait to move past this glitch in my diet history! On Christmas morning I weighed 214. That's 1.5 pounds up from the end of November which would be very good if I hadn't gained 5.5 pounds in November. Its quite easy to do some addition and discover that I have gained 7 pounds in 8 weeks. But hope springs eternal. Its not the end of December yet so I plan on eeking out a loss for the month. Weigh in day falls on January first exactly. I have a week to lose 2 pounds giving me a December loss of half a pound. EEEks I think I might be able to pull it off!

Today I actually threw plates of cookies away. Yeah, I kept some but others hit the trash. I have a huge 12 in pumpkin pie and a 12 in chocolate pie untouched! Ouch! How I want some!

But listen, I have a wonderful New Year plan in place. I cant wait to share it with you all! Hang in there and be sure to check in next Thursday for weigh in! Its the first remember? What a better way to check the damage and start anew! Im excited!


  1. hope springs eternal and it's the holidays :)
    lets keep that hope springing until next week and ride it ALL THROUGH 2009.

  2. I am giving my cookies away and taking some to new years get together. SO00000 ready to get back on track today! and praying I won't see too much damage at weigh in on Tuesday.


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