Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Night Thoughts

I didnt step on the scales after Christmas. Ham always does a number on my weight and I didnt want to see what that number was yesterday. Instead I drank 8 glasses of water! Now a lot of you are wondering what the big deal is. Well let me tell you that its been since sometime last summer that Ive drank that much water. That is more water than I have drank in the last three weeks I bet. I hate water. But one of my new years resolutions is going to be to get my water down. I'm practicing now!

I stepped on the scale this morning and weighed exactly what I weighed on Christmas morning so that is good. That means I was up yesterday morning. Thankfully I didn't have to see the weight on the scale. That messes me up somehow.

And speaking of being messed up my knee is incredibly messed up. I injured it 10 years ago now it chooses this week to flare up into extreme proportions. It is swollen out the left side of my left knee and hurts so bad I can hardly walk. I am keeping heat and ice on it and trying to stay off of it but that's hard to do this time of year or any time for that matter. Tomorrow I really plan on staying off of the thing. Its getting to where I cant even get up and down. A heating pad on the knee seems to work the best and give me the best flexibility.

Tomorrow will be spent on the couch with my leg iced and heated and with my coffee, water and laptop at the ready. I am going to do some research into some last little diet stuff before I really hop on board this whole food eating program I have planned. I cant tell you how I wish we had a Trader Joes closer. Im reading such wonderful recipes and foods only to discover its all coming out of Trader Joes! I've also learned all about the protein boost in Greek yogurt, Ive discovered that people put peanut butter in their oatmeal for protein and that still others put butterscotch chips and things in their oatmeal. It seems I have a lot to learn about eating the whole foods way.

I thought I could just munch on salads and Nancy's yogurt and beans and grains and fruits and veggies but now I see people are going all gourmet with this. The whole foods people speak a different language it seems. Everyones mentioning sauces and tofu and fruits that I never knew existed. Is nobody doing this the simple way?

Does anyone know of any good books on eating like this? I have Jane Brodys whole food cookbook. A doctor gave me that 12 years ago and when he did he told me that if I followed it Id never be fat a day of my life. Well obviously I didnt follow it so now I am going to take a peek at the book tomorrow.

I am amazed and maybe a little alarmed that the 7 pound gain doesn't bother me worse. I worry about that. Sometimes I think it may be because I'm getting a healthy outlook on weight and it doesn't matter so much as long as I feel good and I'm trying to reverse it.

Other times I worry that I am too complacent. I see girls worrying over every tiny weight watcher point and every tiny minuscule gain. I have a doctors scale, you know those kind that you move the weights to weigh in? I don't even count all those .2 and .3 losses. I see ladies all down in the dumps on their blogs because their weight went up a tenth of a pound from the week before. Whats the big deal? A tenth of a pound could be that extra squirt of hair spray you put on that morning. I don't get this obsession. I have lost my weight very slowly to be sure and I could have done it faster but mercy, do I want to belabor every tenth of a pound? NO. Does that mean I'm not serious about this? I hope not.

Okay can someone suggest a good book that couples weight loss with eating whole foods? Im really going to need you guys help if I do this, that's for sure.

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