Friday, January 23, 2009

Discovery in the mirror

Oh mercy, guess what? In the last couple of days I have developed a wattle just like a turkey. You can see in my heavy pics that my face was very full around the lower face area. When I lost weight that skin had nowhere to go. It just hung unattractively under the chin. Well suddenly in the last couple of days it has decided to hang even more.

This morning I called my 12 year old daughter into the bathroom to see if she could confirm my suspicion that the wattle now waddles worse than ever. We spent a few minutes moving the loose skin back and forth and looking from one angle to another and yes, the final answer is that it indeed, has gotten worse!

Ive been hoping to avoid plastic surgery when this weight loss is over. That's one reason I prefer a slow loss. But after this mornings observations I'm thinking I may need my wattle taken off in another 60 pounds! I cant imagine how it will look by then. Certainly there is only so far that it can go, isn't there? Yikes, the mental pictures I am conjuring are not lovely!


  1. Oh, no!

    Of course you could keep it for a visual aid when mentoring young people to get/keep their weight under control while they are young. ;) Or, it could be a trophy of your successful weight loss. Of course I am not saying you are old and mean those statements in the nicest way possible. I was just trying to be positive and find some humor in the whole bothersome situation.

  2. I am so sorry! If it bothers you, then surgery will fix it :) You need to be happy........and if a waddle-less face does it for you...go for it!

  3. oh. I so had a comment and then CRACKED UP at Brandi's.

    please insert her hilarity here.

  4. I think you look great. I love your hair style!


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