Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A new place on the journey

When I think that Im beginning my second year on this weight loss journey it just amazes me. I haven't grown weary of it and I haven't quit. I have no idea what sparked the change in me this time but last January when I made the decision to get healthy I stuck with it. I went to the doctor yesterday and she noticed right away that I had lost. That was a good feeling. My blood work isn't back yet but I'm hoping my good cholesterol is up.

Overall I feel good about this journey. I'm also feeling a thrill of excitement at the thought of what I will be weighing next year this time. If you look at my monthly losses you will see a very slow weight loss yet it netted me 40 pounds by years end. If that's all I lose this year I would weigh 170. That just seems unreal to me. I think there just comes a time in life where a sort of calm falls over one and the things that are really important are all that matter. Usually that calm happens after 40. I can honestly say my first reason to lose weight is for my health.

When that is the reason its not so hard to eat right. Its also not such a huge issue when the scales doesn't move. I love the place I find myself on this journey.

Speaking of scales hubby bought one of those scales this weekend that weigh body fat and BMI and hydration and all. I step on it just for the kicks but I still like my old weight balanced one better. There's something about the clanging of the weights settling into place that does the heart good.

Well I better get back to work. I just thought Id check in here for a little and chat. Hope you all are having a wonderful weight loss week. Here's a toast to good health for you all.


  1. when I start getting impatient about not losing as fast as I'd like, I just ask myself, "what's the hurry?" and it kind of grounds me :)

  2. I love that you love the old school metal clanging for some reason....there's something about that (before we ever fretted about too much info. the bodyfat the hydration :)) that's just OLD SCHOOL PLAIN OLE INFO.

  3. Hi there...way to rock! I know it's not easy losing weight and staying on the right track. I lost 30 pounds recently, and I can say it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I used sites like this for motivation, but also got natural tips from they have "green tea packets" you can take to work and add to your water.

    It totally helped me pass the "candy dish" everyday without taking a million like I usually want to.

  4. So I totally noticed your calories were too low for yesterday. I won't scold since I understand the loss of appetite when you don't feel very well. But let's get those numbers up soon..:)

  5. Yeh they were low again today. I am just plain not feeling well so Im just going to let my body do the talking and worry about the calorie deficit when I get well. I dont know what else to do. I just cant eat more right now. Nothing tastes good and I just feel sick.


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