Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weigh in

Well here is a new day and new weight that is an old weight that I dont want. Yes, I have been going back and forth and getting no where fast. Its time to admit I am in a funk and have dug a deep groove. What is irritating to me is that I haven't eaten any bad foods. I haven't eaten dinner out. I haven't changed a thing except up my calories by about three hundred a day. I thought I would try that because everyone thinks 1200 is not enough. I switched to whole foods, which by the way has been a huge success, but not in the weight arena. So I now eat basically whole grains and veggies and fruit. I even switched the peanut butter around here to natural pb. But in spite of that I gained 3 pounds this week.

Yes, Tom has still not arrived and I have still not given up on this. Actually this three month glitch is having little effect on my overall mind about getting this weight off. That is different than in times past when I got discouraged and gave up. I feel no discouragement; only determination. I have another year and a half to get this last 51 pounds off and it will happen. I dont doubt it.

So anyway my weight today was 214. Anyone want to check in?


  1. i am sorry for this discouraging time you are going through. I was wondering if you are breaking up your calories into mini meals throughout the every 3 keep your metabolism going? Keep it up and no matter are getting healthier even if the scale does not show a loss.

    My weigh in day is now Sunday. I had lost 3 lbs. My new weight it 230 with total loss of 77 lbs.

  2. yes I have to break up my calories because I have a blood sugar problem. You have done so well. Keep up the good work!

  3. I started Monday at 205.5 and today weighed 204. So, 1.5 in 4 days if it will stay off. We have a group of eighth graders coming for the weekend for a church retreat where the kids stay in homes. I have to have snacks and food- I am making lasagna tomorrow. This is what I have to figure out- our whole life revolves around birthday parties, ball parties, church socials, entertaining, and then the "I am too tired. Get something, anything, FAST!" How do those skinnies do it?

  4. I haven't changed a thing except up my calories by about three hundred a day. I thought I would try that because everyone thinks 1200 is not enough.

    I dipped down to 1200 a day when I was about your weight. I got great results for a while, then my metabolism slowed to a crawl. Initially when I upped my calories like you did, I regained a bit. However then my metabolism caught up, and recently I've seen losses at 1700/day. Basically, 1200 a day will eventually put most people in starvation mode. At this point you need to "refeed" to reset things, and the consequence may be temporary gains. But what is your other option - 1100/day? 1000/day? Then you're really getting into starvation territory.

    That's my .02 anyhow :).

  5. Collen thats exactly what Im up against and I was afraid of this scenario when I started. sigh

    Southerner thats the key for me too. I go out with friends and to church social functions way too often not to get this thing figured out!


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