Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies Will Not Win

Last night my husband brought an entire case of Girl Scout cookies home from work. It was a box of assorted ones. Luckily for me the only ones I like are the thin mints, but still, what's up with that? He was the one that really motivated me to lose this weight. I really wanted to make our mid years good ones and both of us needed to lose weight so I set about to change our diets. He, however, has not gotten on board.

It seems like he is trying to sabotage my efforts in little subtle ways. I see it all the time and I wonder about it. I cant tell you how often he begged me to lose this weight. He was never mean nor did he ever seem embarrassed of me but privately we would talk about it and he would share his heart on the matter. We have an excellent marriage and I really felt we could move to a new level. My weight was like a white elephant in the middle of the room looming up over every intimate conversation we had.

Now I am losing and he is suggesting going out to dinners and basically bringing unhealthy foods into the house all the time. I guess I'm going to have to get a better understanding of where he is right now on this issue. For now I have to fight those silly thin mints. Again I am determined to win this battle.

There are so many little battles in this war. Each one won is another victory and another pound!


  1. Sounds like he may bet getting a little insecure with your weight loss, you're gaining self confidence is taking his. My husband had to agree that if he bought goodies they had to be hidden from me if he was going to help me with my weight loss. I still find Little Debbie packages out in his truck. But I don't see it and I don't want it. I'm sure a good talk will set things right again.

  2. Im with margie. Perhaps you COULD go out somewhere? healthy eating friendly or just for coffee and have a talk? away from the house and gently tell him how and what youre feeling and *what you need/would like from him along your journey!*

  3. My daughter is selling them, yet again, so I have boxes and boxes of them around my desk all day long. I can't believe I haven't ripped into the peanut butter sandwiches yet.

  4. Good morning!!! I am struggling with this too, the fact that at some point, I'm going to have to transition back into real life, whatever that "new" real life means to me. And my boyfriend too, continues to tell me we should go out to eat, or make "regular" dinners. I'm scared, but you know, I have to find something that works for me. We can do it, Mrs. Darling!

    On a cookie note, I really wanted to buy cookies this year, so I bought 2 boxes of the sugar free and intend to give them to a diabetic guy who works with my boyfriend, because I know he struggles financially. So I got my "fix" of ordering the cookies, but I'm not going to be tempted to eat them, cuz they ain't for me! :)

  5. sounds like you need a heart to heart with hubby!

    He may not even realize what he's doing.......it may be that he's having some issues with overeating of his own :)


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