Monday, February 2, 2009

Hitting the glass ceiling

I had a wonderful diet weekend. I didn't go over my calories nor did I eat bad foods. But the scale went up a pound. I'm a little bit scared. Since Thursdays weigh in I had lost 1 pound. Saturday morning I was up a half a pound and this morning I was up another half a pound. Now I don't really pay attention to daily fluctuations since its all I can do to eek out 3 or 4 pounds lost in a month but what concerns me is that I have reached the weight where I was a couple months ago when I started gaining.

It seems like 207 is my glass ceiling. I have got to turn this around. Do I have a mental barrier about that number or what? This is frustrating. Today I'm going to drink tons of water and see what I can do. I hate dancing around the same weight all the time. I am determined to break this barrier. Losing weight is a funny thing. You can do everything right and still not lose. It really is so much more complicated then people would lead you to believe. I am continually amazed at the role hormones play in this at my age.

I cant tell you how I wish I would have done this sooner! Well, I didn't so now I have to plod on against all odds. Guess I better go fill the old water bottle.


  1. Keep are doing a great job at learning a new healthy lifestyle. This is teaching you how to maintain. Eventually your body will keep adjusting to prove your healthiness on the scale, you just have to keep a positive momentum going :) YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. Honey, I am sooooo there!!! I'm right around that spot...I've been dancing around that very same number for 2 months now...and it's getting so frustrating. We'll do this together!!!

  3. I think you are still doing fab. You can do it. You've gotten past alot of barriers, this one is no different. It's the small goals that make all the difference.

    I have been very distracted but I am so glad I am back here to get back on the wagon.

    Water is a great great thing. I heard that if you drink water when you are thirsty you are already dehydrated to some extent. I drink a ton of tea. HOt tea does this count as water?? I only use fake sugar? Please.


  4. How about trying to eat only fruits and veggies for a week.....kind of shake things up. It worked for me a while back. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas too........avoid caffeine....kind of a detox for your body ;)

  5. When I reach a plateau like that, I incorporate more fiber into my diet. I don't know if that will work the same for you, but it does for me. Another thing I will do, is snack on only rolled up deli meat. Of course you want to eat your regular meals, but for the snacking times my dietician says rolled up deli meat makes you fuller longer.

  6. I hate to say that I disagree with annette but I do. I would not drop out all protein for a week----but that's just me.
    new foods.
    more fiber.
    a week with zero sugar or zero processed white.
    something like that perhaps?


  7. Well mizfit annette did have amazing results with that but I cant do that because I have blood sugar problems and protein stablizes my blood sugar. If I leave myself to just fruits and veggies there is nothing to stop the rush of sugar through my bloodstream. So yeah, I wont be able to do that even if I wanted.

    Im thinking of cutting out all bread and see what happens. I eat a lot of bread and I think that might help.


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