Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Turning to the Internet for help

I have always been of the mind that people who have been through certain circumstances are better able to give advice than a doctor. I found that true when I went through invitro with my babies especially. The women on the message boards answered far more questions than the doctor and there was way more info there than I had been given.

So now I reach to the Internet again. The doctor has put me on a very lo dose of birth control pills to regulate my monthly cycle during this time of menopause. Its not just to regulate it, its also to stem the hemorrhaging like flow I get now that this lovely time of life is upon me. The last time I was on birth control was back in 1983 and then it was only for three months and it was for the same purpose. Of course it wasn't menopause but it was to regulate things and bring the cycle around to normal.

Now the majority of you have been on birth control for years and years. I never needed it because I was practically infertile so now I ask you if you think that this low dose is going to hamper my weight loss efforts. What is your experience? The doctor said I wont gain cause its too low of a dose but I'm still worried. Seriously if this makes me gain weight I'm not going to do it. I am working too hard to then be taking a pill that is undoing all my efforts.

So could you all please help me out here and give me your opinion? Will it make me gain or at the very least will it make it harder for me to lose? I'm anxiously awaiting your reply.


  1. hhmm...this is a tough one for me. Approval to be personal? Ha, you have no choice cuz I'm spillin the beans! I have been on the pill for 8 years so honestly, I don't remember if I gained weight or not. BUT..here's the interesting part. I haven't had my period in 1.5 years - the exact time I have lost an enormous amount of weight. The doctors are watching it but say it's just my body adjusting to the dramatic weight loss. I still think its weird because I thought the pill was SUPPOSE to make me have my period but whatever. Anyways, the moral of this long rambling comment is this: our bodies will do whatever the hell they want. It will be a great test of your healthy habits to continue to maintain and just keep going...if you gain a pound, fine. If you stay the same for 3 weeks, fine - JUST KEEP GOING :) Ok, I'm done.

  2. At one point I hit a plateau and became obsessed with the idea that my birth control was making it harder to lose weight. I work in research, so what did I do - research! According to what I found, birth control used to contain higher doses of hormones that COULD cause modest weight gain. However the new, low dose BC has not been linked to weight gain. There is some evidence linking it to bloat (i.e. moderate water weight gain of 5 lbs. or so) that is supposed to subside after taking it for a while.

  3. I can't help you on this one ;) but I hope you find an answer.

  4. in January of 2008 I had a similar problem. Very, very heavy cycles that seemed to never end. My gyn simply put me on lo dose birth control. (I did not gan any weight.) Never checked anything else out. To make a long story short, my real problem was a combination of iron deficiency and low thyroid, low blood calcium and Vit. D levels. Tweaked my vitamins and thyroid meds, problem solved. I even have less PMS.

    Be sure to have a physical including labs. You have probably already done that, and if so, great! If not, consider making an appointment.

  5. My doctor put me back on birth control a few months after my accident. Whenever I am not on birth control, I have very bad abdominal pains during that time of the month. Since the accident left me with back and spinal damage, I would literally be unable to walk during these times. It helped greatly, and I don't think I gained more than a pound the first month. Mine, too, was low dose. I think you'll be fine. Just know that everybody is different. I do know someone that gained weight, and one that lost weight. You just have to weigh your options. It was obviously worth it for me, as the pain without it was unbearable. If it's not for you, I would check into other alternatives.

  6. I can't remember when I used to take BC but I just look at my hubs and I'm preggers. LOL. After our last one (now 10) hubs got fixed so for the past 10 yrs I haven't needed it. I know I heard it is supposed to make you gain weight but that was a long time ago . If they have lower doses then I would imagine you should be ok. What about asking a nutrtionists or a dietician? You would think one of those should be able to tell you. I hope you find the answer.



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