Monday, March 9, 2009


Reflecting...just reflecting! How can a person deny the basic human Daily I deny myself of this fuel for living. Tonight I just want ice cream. But again I deny myself. Is this fair? Sometimes I grow tired of denial. Please send me some espresso ice cream with chocolate and espresso beans. Have mercy!


  1. Hi Bebe!!! I think you are so wonderful!!!
    Breyers makes a slow churned fat free.. in a few different flavors.. and starbucks makes a bar that is light.. try one of those.
    Also.. try going to
    she has some really great recipes
    and she has a GREAT cookbook..
    Easy recipes.. nothing elaborate but YUMMY stuff that will satisfy your urges.
    You should not feel deprived!

  2. Virtual espresso ice cream with chocolate and espresso beans are now headed your way. Of course they are invisible and have no scent or taste either. I did throw in a squirt of fancy whipped cream for good measure though.

  3. Im sure youve seen the HG book? and mean more that you want the real thing? yes? it's tough huh? for me a tinnnny portion can be more depressing than not having any :)



  4. Actaully I can have a couple bites and be happy.People tell me Im lucky that way but really I can do that. Whats the HG book?

  5. she put out a cookbook last year and is putting out another this year. You can pre-buy it at a few online book retailers.

  6. don't deny yourself.........indulge in one serving! Just watch your fat in other places throughout the day ;)

  7. OK add me back on. I am committed after spending 2 hours grocery shopping last night. I am all stocked up on healthy food (that helps so much) Since you started this blog I am down 11 pounds I have 52 pounds to goal.



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