Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weigh In and my twisted mind

I stayed the same again. Im actually not on a plateau. I haven't lost these last two days because I have upped my calories. I didn't really plan too but Ive been eating more like 1600 calories a day. That's fine with me. I'm not in this for a race.

I continually marvel at the psychological part of losing weight. I have noticed over this past year that whenever I lose weight really good for several weeks I subconsciously back off. After several days of that it hits my conscious mind what I have done. I think there is a little hidden fear in me that I need to up my calories or I will gain everything back. So then I play little games with myself. I up the calories to prove I can do it and not gain. Sometimes I have gained. Other times I stay the same. I also notice that I do this before milestones.

If I could lose another 2.25 pounds I will be in onderland. It's like I have this feeling that I have to make sure the loss is for real by testing it now so that when I hit the one hundreds I will feel more sure of myself. Okay, now I'm showing you all how really warped I am in my thinking. I think this hidden agenda and secret inhibitions have kept me from successful weight loss in the past.

Now I am facing the weird way I think and just going with it. In time my mind adjusts to my lower weight and I'm ready to move on. I think there is more fear in losing weight than I ever wanted to admit to myself. I never go out and about these days without somebody mentioning my weight loss and how good I look. Now I know that doesn't mean I look like a movie star. They are only meaning that I look good relative to the 252 pounds I use to weigh! While I like to hear that it also puts pressure on me to keep losing. My old subconscious mind says to stop the whole thing and take a bit of a break. I do that by upping my calories. I have seen this stupid phenomenon over and over in me.

Well okay bod, you upped your calories, you stayed the same in spite of daily ups and downs now get back to the program. You know what is so funny to me? Even when I up my calories I mentally keep track of them in my head. Its habit. On the other hand I don't consider myself off of the program when I am still counting because my program is calorie counting! So now Ive fooled my body with changes in calories for two weeks its time to drop back and get to losing. So how did you all do this week?

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  1. Can I ask, what do you normally keep your calories at per day? I thought they should be at 1600 calories to loose, so I always feel like I'm doing something wrong if I don't have 1600. But I'm not loosing much weight either, and then I read if you don't have at least 1500 you won't loose weight. I get so confused!

  2. I normally keep my calories at 1200. At 1600 I do not lose but then I am almost 49 and going through menopause so weight loss is an entirely different thing than when I was young.

    There is no magic number for every one. 1600 is arbitrary. You have to figure out what you are eating normally and reduce that amount to lose weight. A person that is eating 2500 calories daily will lose weight by going down to 1800.

    You need to know your intake now, figure out where you want to be, how many calories you will have to eliminate to lose a pound a week or whatever amount you would like and then go from there.

  3. Thanks for the info. It was so much easier when I was in my 30's, all I had to do was run and watch what I ate, but no longer, is it that easy! What an uphill battle!

  4. hmmm, Id think (and IM NO DIETITIAN) that 1600 would be what you should be eating? perhaps with a few lower cal days mixed in IF YOU WANT but that seems like a doable number for *life*


  5. Yes I agree it seems doable for life but mizfit I kid you not I have never been able to lose at 1600. ONe time about 19 years ago I lost 50 pounds and was at the wieght that Im trying to get back to now. After I lost the weight I was able to go up to about 1800 and keep it there without regaining. I only regained the weight years later when I went through intensive homrone treatments to have my babies through invitro. So for me 1600 and 1800 are sustainable amounts of calories but not a losing amount of calories.

  6. another week at my plateau! I'm starting the downcycle today to 500 calories under my BMR...around 1200 so maybe if we keep our fingers crossed.......a loss of some sort next week. Did I mention.......TOM showed up today? Another twist....

    Come on body.....cooperate!!!!!!!

  7. I weighed myself this week, but didn't like the results. I had been losing, then Jon bought me some Dr. Pepper. I gained with ease. Ugh! I didn't record my weigh-in in my own records, so I'll just weigh-in next. There is no more Dr. Pepper in the house, so maybe I'll actually lose something. LOL


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