Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back to counting

This has just become an amazing struggle all of a sudden. Today I counted calories again and discovered to my amazement that my calories had crept way up!! No wonder I'm not losing. So now back to the drawing board. I am going to have to count calories again in an endeavor to start losing.

I'm always fishing around in my mind for better ways of doing this. I think I'm bored after 15 months. I need to liven this thing up. Boredom is my enemy. My plans of drinking water and walking just aren't happening.

Last night I wrote out everything I could eat today and figured the calories. That helped me tremendously today even though I went 200 over what I had planned. It was still less then it has been though.

Ive got to get this thing together. I refuse to gain weight back. Actually Ive been at this spot before in this weight loss journey and pulled out of it. I need to do that now.

I just need a minute to think and to plan. Life is crazy. I don't eat bad food. I just eat too much of the good stuff. Ive eaten ice cream as my planned treat all through this past year but for some reason its getting out of hand lately. Ive noticed I'm craving sugar which tells me I have been eating too much. It also tells me I need to cut it out.

Oh well, I did better today than yesterday and I will do better tomorrow than today. I have to. Im skipping tomorrows weigh in. I have to. I know Im up a couple pounds and I dont want to see it because then I wont get this under control because I will be all scared out cause I gained and then I will have to eat more icecream to comfort myself.

EDIT: For some odd reason I peed and peed in the middle of the night. I woke up 5 times to pee. I usually dont get up at all. This morning I was 3 pounds lighter than yesterday!


  1. I think pre-planning all your food is a great idea! Also, if you like pudding replace your ice cream with some of those 60 calorie sugar-free pudding cups. They are SOOO good and don't mess too much with your numbers!

    You're an inspiration! :)

  2. Sounds like sometimes when you gain you are retaining fluid. Do you eat a lot of salty food?

  3. Not usually but inspite of my vow of abstinence I ate ham at Easter and Im guessing that was it. My body finally let go of it!


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