Friday, April 17, 2009

On the Road Again

It appears like Ive found the groove again. Its just incredible how easily one holiday weekend can mess things up. Its so easy to get off track and so hard to get back on track. But I do think I can safely say that the Easter hurdle is past for me.

I'm still in love with that book Bread For Life. It is just exactly how Ive dieted. Now that I've actually got the book from the library and read it I'm more amazed. They allow you to count any liquids consumed as your daily fluid intake. They also allow just 1 cup of milk a day. That takes care of the milk in my coffee and for that matter, that takes care of my coffee!

I thought I would continue to do this diet with using the same bread I always have. My stone ground bread averages 100 calories a slice. In this diet I would be allowed 4 to 5 slices of bread. They highly recommend though that you use 30 or 40 calorie breads for satiety. I can now see the wisdom in that. If I'm allowed 10 slices of bread it feels like I'm eating a whole lot more than five slices. Shoot, that would mean I could have 5 sandwiches a day!

Of course after week 1 of all bread and toppings, they recommend that you use bread servings for other lo glycemic complex carbs such as; brown rice, sweet potato and whole grain cereals. Which again clearly defines how Ive lost the last 50 pounds. I'm loving this diet and I credit this diet for my last 50 pound weight loss.

The only glitch is that I didn't know I was on a real printed diet with a name! I find that funny! On the other hand I find it sad that I feel so validated in my food choices now that there's a silly book with the same diet. The mind is a funny thing. The diet now seems so much more authentic and real. Its weird how our minds get programmed over the years and we don't even realize it!

Really the reason this diet works for me is because I graduated into it over the last 15 months. I didn't say I'm going on the Bread For Life Diet because I didn't know it existed. I counted calories and slowly evolved into this. It only makes sense that finding the book is now spurring me on to success.

I thought the thing would never come into the library. There was only one book in our entire county system and it took forever! I was expecting to read it and find a bunch of new ideas. What I did not expect was to find the very tiniest details the same as what I was doing.

One of the few things I found different was the amount of toppings allowed on the bread. They stress a thin layer of topping and that topping should be low fat.

They limit meat to 3 meals a week which is what I was doing by default. What I have not been doing is keeping my meal of meat strictly protein and green veggies. They stress that this isn't because of food combining like on the Fit For Life Diet but rather because its easier to eat less when one eats only one or two foods at a meal. And boy, do I know that to be the truth! So now I am going to try that method for my evening meal. If you eat a thin slice of lunch meat on your bread they don't consider that your meat meal. They allow a little tuna and what not on bread; further proof that it isn't about food combining.

So anyway, I may just post a day or two of my food on here to give an idea of what it looks like in case anyone happening through here might be interested.

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