Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Man I'm having an awful time. I'm just not losing. I'm not eating bad. I'm eating consciously but every tiny morsel seems to be going straight to my fat cells. I need a break, for pity sake. Ive even been drinking water! And yeah, now that I'm hydrated I went up three pounds. Ive learned before that if I hang in there with the water my weight will level out again and the water will actually help me lose in the long run. But until then going from dehydration to hydration is costing me pounds on the scales. Well that's what I get for going by the scales instead of thinking only of my health. A pox on that metal box!

And here's a little post script for diet bloggers. So many of you say loosing for losing. If you are losing weight you are not loosing it. I see it spelled with two o's all the time on diet blogs and it drives me insane. When you loosen something you make it not so tight. Loosing is not even a word. You are losing the weight as in lost the weight, not loosing.

Okay, Im done with my little rant. See how irritable I am when I cant lose weight?


  1. Thanks for being the one who is willing to take the hit for pointing that out! It drives me nuts and I'm too timid to say anything. I've seen even highly educated and published people use the double "O" version.

    Loved your "pox on the metal box"! When I'm in a foul mood, my favorite retort is "You and your little dog too!"...the family understands and they give me my space!

  2. That is one of my pet peeves, too!

    Also, I'm in the same boat with the numbers not moving. I've been doing all I can think of doing, eating UNDER my calories, working out everyday, getting my water...yet the numbers are stuck. Ugh.

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