Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weigh In

Well I gained 2.5 pounds from my sojourn to Idaho. Actually I have to tell the truth. I gained 6 pounds in the five days there, but since Monday I have lost 3.5 of that gain. Now get this awful fact, that gain came after gaining 5 pounds the week before going on vacation. By this past Monday morning I had gained a total of 11 pounds in the last couple of weeks. That makes my total weight loss for the month of March 0. In fact I have a gain this month of 7 pounds. Today I weigh 209.5.

So hows that for weight gain.I really should receive some award for being able to gain weight faster than anyone in the world. I need to be in a world record book or something. The funny thing was that I didn't really eat too badly in Idaho I just ate too much I guess. The good thing is that I'm already back on the wagon and have actually lost 3.5 pounds in the last 3 days.

Now I need to take the calories that I am eating and turn them into nutrition. That somehow fell by the wayside. It amazes me that I one can be on an eating plan for 15 months and still not have any tools in place for long term weight loss. But hey, that's me, yeah, over I'm over here. See me waving my hand? I'm the lady that has lost 50 pounds and still don't really know what I'm doing! How ironic is that? Please people do not ask me how to lose weight. I dont know how. I just flop around like a fish out of water and slowly the weight comes off from the energy spent flopping I guess.

Okay weigh in.

Mrs darling) + 2.5
Brandi) + 1
New me) 0


  1. Not ironic at all ... human! Hey, we aren't perfect and don't know all the answers. It's ok. You have the knowledge to know not to let it go too long and stop yourself. That is impressive and more than many of us. I had (notice the HAD) lost 50 lbs too.... now I'm up 15. Grrrrr. It stops now :)

    Hey - add me to your weighin. I have a total of 200 lbs I'd like to lose. Ouch - that's is the 1st time I've written that. OK, so 200 lbs. I've lost 35 now. I will be weighing in once a week on Sundays. Sign me up :) THANKS!

  2. 1kg=2.2lbs, so 107kg is 235.4lbs. Alternatively you can just type XXXkg to pounds into google and it will do all the work for you :)

  3. I feel for you...we have a cruise coming up in September and I am already preparing myself for the gain I have no doubt I'll bring back as a souvenier. lol My daugther said her teacher went on a cruise over Spring Break and gained 6 pounds....that's sure to be me. But ya know, I long ago decided it was OKAY to splurge on vacations provided I understood fully that once I returned home it was back to routine and so far it has worked.

  4. I'm sure you'll find your groove Mrs. Darling!

    I didn't have time to weigh myself this morning, so I'll weigh in tomorrow morning.

  5. Sorry, I already took the title of fastest wt gainer, lol. I look at food and can gain :( My saving grace is exercise. I force myself everyday to get off my tushy and start moving.
    Here's to April and some major butt kickin'.

  6. life happens! It sucks that our bodies won't EVER cut us a break!

    Still the same this week....221 for a total of 86 lbs lost.

  7. I gained a pound this week. I guess I need to get in gear.

  8. I think I lost about 1/3 but just don't put any numbers down yet. It isn't quite 1/2. :[


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