Monday, April 6, 2009

Bread For Life

Well I seem to have gotten my diet back under control. It took an entire week from when I got back from vacation but I seem to be on a roll again. I have lost all of last weeks gain and part of the week before, so that's a good thing. Cutting out the bread is not working for me. I realize that I use bread for a plate, in that when I dash in and out of the house between running kids to classes and all, I grab a slice of bread, heap it with veggies or cheese or peanut butter and go again. So I began combing the Internet for ideas about what to do with my bread habit.

And Lo, there is a Bread For Life Diet out there. I read about twenty different site reviews on this diet and there is not one major concern by any nutritionist or doctor. It was put out by a doctor in Israel. As I looked at it and read about it and researched it, I discovered that this is pretty much how I lost my fifty pounds. It's built on the premise that to lose weight the diet has to be uncomlicated and simple to follow. It also works from the release of seratonin that comes from eating carbs. It really is an amazing study but even then I would be very skeptical had I not just lost my own weight by using this very method!

If you recall I said the other day that I have no idea how I lost the weight and that when people ask I'm sort of at a loss. Why didn't I realize that I lost it by eating bread? I'm not talking about worthless white breads. I eat only stone ground breads and whole grains. I add to that anything that can feasibly be piled on top, often with no spread such as mayo or butter. Almost every morning for a weekday breakfast I have a slice of bread wrapped around a chunk of cheese for my on-the-run meal. (weekends I eat whatever the family eats)

Other mornings when I have time to eat I grab a tiny bowl of cereal. This diet advocates only bread for you carb for the first couple of days then goes on to allow whole wheat rice or whole wheat pasta and real cereal grains in place of some of your bread. The thing that throws most people off about this diet is that the doctor says to eat 14 to 16 slices of bread a day. Upon further review though you will find she is referring to a diet bread that is 30 - 40 calories a slice. I have been eating about five or six complex carb servings a day which falls right in line with her 16 slices of bread calorie wise.

Over the last year and a quarter I have just fallen into this way of eating and its the simplest way for me to lose the weight. I would have never thought of calling it by a name though but now I realize that without knowing it I have lost my weight using the Bread For Life Diet. How strange is that? Im getting the book and Im actually going to sit down and read it and see what its all about. I spent about two hours reading about it on the web but now I want to read the book for myself. I'll let you know more after I read it.


  1. So I'm weighing in with a 1.4 loss... although I think the .4 is a little goofy. So you can put it at 1lb if you like. My weigh-in was more (explanation on my diet update post). Anyway, I'm pretty happy with that. But I'm a little scared of starting my work-out; it always seems to temporarily stunt my losing weight.

    Just have to add my 2 cents worth on the bread:) A couple years ago I tried cutting out all bread on a diet, and found that I actually gained a little. So I always let myself have a small amount. I remember thinking at the time that maybe I was just an oddity.

  2. hey!! It took me a week too after my trip to get back into the swing of things! Why IS that i wonder??

    Great post (as always ) xxx

  3. Bread scares me...I know it shouldn't but there it is! I'm sticking to whole grain bread and eating it in moderation though, so I'm not quite doing the same as you, but not completely cutting it out, either!

    Love this blog, by the way. So inspiring!!


  4. mykidsmom do you want it to say 1 pound or do you want your total loss from Jan 1, 2008. If so tell me the total loss; also pounds to goal and you are on board here once again!

  5. Im off to check it out too.


  6. Hello Mrs. Darling--I found this link last night, and I'm SO glad I did. I got the Bread for Life Diet book from the library yesterday, and it's the only diet I've ever been excited to try. I've been struggling with low-carb all year, and it just doesn't fit my lifestyle in any way. I though that bread (like desserts, etc.) would send me into a tailspin of more carb cravings, so I avoided it...and was miserable. Granted, I've been on this diet all of six hours, but I'm not hungry and I'm not craving sweets. Plus I've eaten way more veggies than usual. I know you followed up once to this post about how favorably the diet worked for you. Are you still following it? --Kathi


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