Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How do you cope away from home

After watching my diet closely last week I had lost four pounds. I went to Seattle for Mothers Day for the weekend and even though I didn't weigh when I got home I'm sure I gained all four back. I positively must learn to eat away from home. I can do okay at restaurants but when Im away for a week or for several days I just have this feeling that I deserve to enjoy myself and that means food indulgences.

You all did such a great job at giving me ideas for burger replacements now I'm asking another favor. Can you all tell me how you have managed to get through weekends away from home? What are your strategies?


  1. If and when I go out to eat when on vacations, I ask myself: Is this a celebration meal? If it's not then I order something light and sensible. I keep snacks in my purse or bag so I do not get famished (e.g. mixed nuts, cereal bars). Sometimes I pack food in my suitcase. If I know I want to splurge I'll keep it light during the day.

  2. I also pack my purse full of good treats. This past weekend I was out of town and allowed myself reasonable splurging, but not to the point it would un-do all my hard work! I chose a small dessert over the big piece of cheesecake that Hubby had, I chose to only eat a few fries over an entire order, ect.

    Interestingly, I've noticed that when I allow myself a few extra calories on the weekends, it tends to actually help my weight loss...but ONLY if I don't go overboard!

  3. Well its like I said I can do okay at restaurants but what do you do when you're visiting friends or relatives for several days and you arent in charge of the food and you cant place an order?

  4. Depending on the relationship with your friends or family I would go to the grocery to store in the area and pick up some fruit and other snacks to have on hand at their home. When I go to my relatives I pack my own stuff and just stash it in their fridge or pantry. You cant control the menu but you can control your portions. Also, look at the things prepared. Are some of the foods prepared seasonal delights, or can you get those foods at any time. As an example, for Thanksgiving my mother makes prailines. She only makes them once a year, so I eat them up... yum! When our family gets together, everyone pitches in and cooks. If your family does that, maybe you can pitch in and cook something healthier. And I mentioned it above, but I always ask myself is this a celebration meal? I hope that helps.

  5. I bring a LOT OF SNACKS too.
    Mainly protein as its pretty easy to find carbs on the go.
    but bringing the protein totally saves me!

  6. We are at a friends house now too, so we went out and bought food,saying we'd make dinner, asked we that liked and adapted it to us, they know I am watching what I eat, so nothing is pushed. Thankfully, there are not a lot of sweets around to tempt me this time around!


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