Friday, May 15, 2009

A Battle Is Not The Whole War

I see I forgot to weigh in yesterday. I still weigh 213.5. I'm just bouncing between 213 and 215 like Tigger. Yesterday it was 213.5. This morning it was 214.5. Three days ago it was 215. Seven days ago it was 212. So on and on it goes; up, down, up down. I pay little heed to daily numbers at this stage of the game. But I do have to kick this all up a notch. I'm doing some great things health wise but I'm waiting to report on all that after I get another week under my belt.

Its kind of odd really but this whole year and a half of dieting I have just not gotten bent out of shape at the gains that have happened. There was a time last summer that I gained 7 pounds in one month but the way the numbers and the days fell the monthly weights did not reflect that but it still happened. I had a big monthly weight gain again this spring.

These things happen depending on what I'm going through in life and what I'm going through health wise. Years ago when I dieted and gained like that I panicked and did some fad diets. I don't do that anymore. I can give myself a couple years to do this. Theres no rush.

I have been reading of major diet bloggers who have gained a portion of their weight back; mainly Mel at Dieting Naked and The Pasta Queen. I have nothing but great admiration for both women. Their weight gain shows just how easy it is to gain and how hard it is to keep weight off. I haven't made it anywhere close to my goal but Ive sure bounced around on my way there. Eventually I plan on winning this game and maintaining a weight loss that is acceptable to my body. These two bloggers have set up all sorts of warning signs along this diet road and I plan on taking heed to every word they say.

My hats off to all of you losers who are fighting this same war. Every battle won is another battle closer to the goal. A battle lost is just that; a lost battle. It doesn't mean the war is lost. We need to keep that in mind and plow onward.


  1. Hang in there! I've come to think of myself somewhat of an alcoholic would, except my drug of choice is food. I'm addicted to the sweet side mostly, but it's so easy for me to get out of control! I do notice that by keeping a food journal I'm apt not to eat a lot and things I shouldn't if I have to write it down. Lately I've been using the journal on it not only tracks calories, but everything, just like on a food label. I find that a little easier to see what I need to be adding or deleting from my diet easier.

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