Saturday, May 2, 2009

Things I learned this weekend

A weekend of dietary indiscretion does not need to be a bad thing. If you let it teach you something it can actually be a great learning tool in your quest for weight loss. I had such a weekend!

I didn't eat incredibly bad. I ate a lot of sugar though and I ate far enough from my normal diet that my old colon problems kicked in with a vengeance! Last night found me in my motel room sitting in the tub at 4am with excruciating pain. It felt like my colon was twisted into knots and that someone was pulling the ends to further tighten the knot. The pain woke me from a sound sleep and was positively excruciating.

Here is what I ate yesterday.

olive oil with herbs drizzled on 1 slice of herb bread
mozzarella cheese
two mini puff dough thingys filled with 1 tsp cream cheese, onion and bacon. These were tiny little things.
1/2 piece of chocolate cake
5 grapes
2 strawberries
2 servings of bow tie pasta salad with grilled chicken with oil and vinegar dressing
2 slices of breakfast coffee cake
1/2 of a cranberry bliss bar
1 cup of cooked shredded zucchini
4 0z baked salmon
6oz snickers mocha

Okay mixed with all the sugars are remnants of a good diet. But all this combined throughout the day left me knotted in pain.

Here is what I learned.
I would sooner have a stomach half empty than a stomach too full.
Combining the right foods is essential for digestion.
Feeling sluggish from sugar is worse than I remembered.
Sugar is not my friend.

This weekend also gave me some direction in which way to go. Yes, I will drink my water and walk like I said in the post below but I will add to that this new plan.

I will now only eat protein with veggies.
I will only eat complex carbs with veggies.
I will eat starches with only veggies.

But the single biggest thing I learned is that combining fats and sugars is lethal. It is deadly. It is painful and it is to be avoided at all costs!

A simple diet made up of simple foods without a lot of food choices at one meal is the way to go. I lost sight of that.


  1. or did you lost sight of it?

    Sounds/reads to me like you totally had an AH HA! I GET IT NOW moment....

  2. Sounds awful! Glad you're feeling better!

    Slightly belated comment for your last post, if you want a graph to weigh in on then I use, they have a really good one (it's where I get the scale graphic with my current weight on from)


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