Thursday, July 30, 2009

The foods I eat

Well bugger bear. I gained 1.5 pounds this week but goodness, it was threatening to be even more with that horrid weight gain from vacation. So this morning I weigh 217 even. I like the even numbers. Its such a clean slate for starting a new month. Yep, I'm onto the month of August now and my determination still runs high!

I haven't really been doing anything for weight loss as you can tell. I am however, conscious of everything I eat and am paying close attention to not eating before bed. I just need to whip in the things I know to do and do them.

I'm eating too much at lunch. Okay so for breakfast I've been having about half a cup of bran chex with a little milk. Around ten I have a slice of bread and cheese. Then I go until around 2 cause that bran and cheese bread carries me till then easily. But then at lunch I eat because the kids are coming in from the pool about then for a snack.

You see I'm not hungry when I make their lunch at noon but when they come in at 2 I snack with them. And lately they haven't even wanted to eat at noon because they are so busy playing in the pool and they know that by 2 it will be over 100 degrees out there and they will need to come in. Now that is the worst time I'm having and that has been the case for three days now. A hot dog on a hot day just goes down too easily along with a few chips and then maybe another hot dog since my son didn't eat his.

Then I feel bad about it so I eat a few grapes and munch a carrot and then the kids want a berry smoothie so I make berries smoothies. I mean who can deny a kid during berry season? Well I make a little too much so of course I have to finish it off and there ya go! Way too many calories and lack of nutrition at 2 pm.

When dinner rolls around I'm not really hungry cause we eat dinner at 5. But by about 7 I'm ready for a cup of ice cream. I don't eat again and go to bed at about 11 pm. But this scenario is giving me migraines in the morning because of lack of protein. My blood sugar just dips too low.

So why do I do this? Its the million dollar question!

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