Monday, July 6, 2009

What the doctor said

Well shoot! My doctor wants me to join a support group to get the rest of this weight off! She mentioned Weight Watchers. Now WW is a good group. I've done it many times before but I have some real hang ups about WW or any support group.

You guys are really going to think I need therapy when I confess to you that all the stickers and charms and doo-hinkies you win in weight loss supports groups just galls me! It seems so juvenile to me. Okay so Im fat. But puhleeasse don't make me sit with another bunch of fatties and talk about how hard this is and clap when someone loses a pound and chortle over their stickers like we're in Kindergarten.

Okay I just lost 3/4 of my readers here I'm sure. I know you are all thinking that I am mean and rude and who do I think I am because I'm overweight just like they all are and yada yada. Im just tellin' ya that the weight loss support group is not for me.

I said a little something of this to my doctor. She grinned but she wasn't going to let me off so easily. She told me I then needed to join WW's online. So I guess I will. I can do online things. So here I go to figure out how to do the online group.

She's also sending me to physical therapy for this left leg of mine that barely works. Its the second time I have been through therapy for it but maybe this time something will come of it.

On and get this; she told me I needed to exercise! The nerve of her! Okay, okay, I agree but I don't want to be told to do it. On the other hand this may be the real kick in the pants I need to progress at a faster rate.

So here I am facing a new week. I'm going to try this online WW thing and I'm going to walk a half hour every day at her suggestion. The walk was really suggested more for the limbering up of my entire body and especially that left leg.

So here I go. It's kinda exciting in a way. Any beefing up of the old program brings new optimism. So I'm sorta feeling recharged. I don't want to say too much here because I don't want any clapping or stickers, ya know what I mean?


  1. I so agree with you about support groups. I have done WW and I couldn't stand the clapping and all that. Also how people spent half the time talking about the food they missed, or how "bad" they were eating cake on their birthday. Not for me.

  2. Have you ever checked out Sparkpeople?? I love it and it's free!

    Good luck with whatever you choose though. Sometimes you just never know what will be that 'magic' ingredient that puts everything into place and makes it all work. :)

  3. Yes Missy I have done sparkpeople many times too. I am serious when I say I think I've done everything out there! LOL

  4. I was going to recommend something online to other then WW (Rah RAH!) lol! Totally understand, but whatever works for you, right? I stalk this site but haven't joined, just love all the info:

    oh, and it's free, lotsa free sites out there.

  5. Everyone is different. Lots of people (most more like it), don't like the awards/stickers/etc. and often don't want mention of it during a meeting. It's totally personal. It is nice to sit in a meeting though for me and listen to everyone else's struggles to assure me that I'm not the only one going through it.


  6. I do WW online. I believe the motivation comes from within. I like the tools that WW provides though!

  7. I've tried WW many times and I just hated how trivial everything seemed.

    I eat because I'm lonely, I'm scared, I was beaten by my mother as a child, I've been molested as child, and I was never, ever a normal weight even as a child.

    How could I sit there and pretend that not eating a particular food would "cure" me. I hate green peppers but if I was depressed I could eat a ton of green peppers.

    No one wants to talk about the hard stuff. The REAL reason we overeat has nothing to do with the food itself.

  8. Sorry about that teebopop, I know people eat for different reasons. Im just sorry all this stuff happened to you and you're right the real reason many people eat never comes out.

  9. Dang doctors.....what do they know? :)

    I'm a WW failure - I think I've joined more than a dozen times - it's just not my thing.

    I tend to agree with teebopop that the "real reason we overeat has nothing to do with the food itself." If my obesity had to do only with food, I wouldn't eat when I wasn't hungry.

    Having said that - I think it's so important to have support and I try to get it from whom ever is available (my sisters, my partner, you guys, sometimes from forums or challenges). Good luck with WW!

  10. Thats why I think groups like WW arent quite as important to people as they used to be. We now have all these diet blogs to connect with others going the same road. We have the online support and that takes the place of the meeting for a lot of us!

  11. ACTUALLY I agree with you thats why I do WW online.. I hate the idea of standing in line like cattle to be weighed.. I hate the meetings.. and the majority of women at the meeting I would go to are tennis moms and soccer moms in tiny little tee shirts and shorts.. they might have 5 pounds to lose but nothing real... if you know what I mean... so WW works for me .. I have lost 7 pounds so far.. wishing you luck!


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