Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Protein Drink Recipes Wanted

I cant believe its over a week since I wrote here. Things just got so busy around here I didn't have time to think! My eating program is still on track but moving slowly. I'm still optimistic enough to think that I could lose 25 pounds by Christmas. In fact, I know that I can do it. I just need to keep that goal in mind. I've been feeling the need lately for something I can drink on the go that doesn't have sugar in it. Does anyone have some good smoothie recipes or protein drink recipes? I'd even buy protein drinks already made up if someone knows of a good kind. I cannot drink Slim Fast. It has way too much sugar in it and my blood sugar nose dives after a drink of that stuff. The weather here is in the 90's and I really need a solution to cooking. Not only that, but the protein drink would help keep me away from diet cola. Any solutions?

Now here I go to make a blueberry pie. No, its not for me. Its for a family in the church. My downfall has been ice cream. Even when my husband gets the kinds I supposedly hate I eat it because it tastes lovely in the heat after the days work is done. I need to stop that. In fact, it stops today! Why would I sabotage my efforts like that? How dumb!


  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far! You say ice cream has been your downfall, so I thought I may reccomend a diet that is based all around eating cookies... unbelieveable, right!? I first read about this diet on AskMelissa.com and after trying it, I'm already down eight pounds in two weeks. Here's the link if you're interested, and good luck with the rest of your journey!


  2. Hi! I realize that this comment is coming a little late, but I think you are still looking for a "protein drink" - and an alternative to ice cream, too? I have 2 suggestions. For a protein drink, try blending frozen whole (no sugar!) strawberries with nonfat milk and a couple of spoons of protein powder (either soy or whey-based) - the strawberries and milk together contain enough lactose & fructose that you shouldn't need any sugar, but if you do need a sweetener (which, if you've been drinking a lot of diet sodas, you may!) then add a ripe bananna to the mixture. Blend until smoothe, and enjoy an icy creamy beverage with lots of protein! And a great alternative to ice cream is a cup of plain nonfat yogurt (I like to use Nancy's because it contains live cultures & is all-natural) - topped with a cup or so of frozen mixed berries (I use Trader Joe's Cherry Berry Medley). The frozen fruit freezes the yogurt up immediately, making it a fruity, ice-cream-like treat that is tart & sweet and really great on a hot day! Enjoy!


Thank you for taking the time to encourage me on my journey! Your comment is appreciated!