Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doing the little things

Okay so I didn't get to post yesterday. Good things are happening. I cant say for sure whether I've kept things at 1500 calories because I lost count both days. I have, however, lost weight this week!

I have also made it out on walks. Can you hear the bells ringing? I never go out on a walk. In the summer I get enough exercise by working outside the entire livelong day. But when school starts that all stops. So now I am happy to report I am walking and what a beautiful walk it is! The leaves are falling, the air is invigorating and it feels so good to be out there.

I'm also watching my diet and eating mostly protein.

I've also been drinking water! Yesterday I had an entire quart which for this water shunner is amazing. So things are moving here and I am happy! I will report back tomorrow about today's successes.

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