Monday, November 23, 2009

Easing back in with Frozen dinners

A good day is behind me. Okay, so I decided that to get myself back on track I was going to eat lean cuisines or WW frozen meals for lunch and dinner. I need to do something mindless during this time when my life is so busy. I did this last week too before going to Seattle and blowing it. It's working very well for me.

For breakfast I am sticking with my cheese and bread or peanut butter and bread. There's no point in revamping a meal that has worked for me for two years now. Sometimes I will add a piece of fruit to that, sometimes not.

Lunch is a lean cuisine. Snack is a premeasured serving such as a 100 calorie pack of choc covered pretzels from WW, or a South Beach diet bar or something similar. Often its a piece of fruit.

Dinner is another Lean Cuisine. Tonight I'm trading that in for a salad with a 100 calorie slab of turkey on it.

A couple of times a week I allow myself a WW desert.

By eating everything that is pre measured and pre packaged I am finding results with easing back into a lower calorie day. I just don't have time to figure it all out myself right now. This then is my answer. It is easy and very doable.

Today I walked for 20 minutes.

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