Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Need to Get With The Program

I was out of town all weekend with family. I ate way too much. Tomorrow I must get back on the program. I just cant afford to do this with the holidays so close. I must stick close to my program or I will come out of this with a gain! I dare not let this happen! I've been stalled long enough. A stall is one thing; a gain is quite another! I cant handle any more gains. If I'm not careful I will have to move up a size in clothes. I refuse to do that so it's back to my healthy way of eating! I can do this!


  1. The holidays can present a slippery slope if we're not careful. Good luck getting your act together and navigating through the chopping waters.

    You CAN do this!

  2. Don't let it get you down. There are many more regular days left in the year. Make the better choices on those days, so the special days won't derail you. ((Trying to take my own advice))

  3. Bro all depends on the determination if you really want stick to that what to want.I like those people who do instantly like "now i am going to do this" whtever they like,not those who says "I can do"acai berry

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