Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On the losing side

I have lost 4 pounds the last two weeks so Im happy with that. Its not too bad for holidays. If I can just make it through this week I will have come through the first Christmas season ever without a gain! And for the record I am at 220.5. I want this on record for checking my weight next year when I will be 60 pounds lighter! Im ever the optimist!


  1. Hi Fellow weight struggler.
    I take it the pills are going well. Trouble with pills is that as some stage you have to go off them. Have you ever tried cutting way down on your carbs? I don't mean as far as Dr Aitkins would have us go but significantly. After dieting since I was ten it is the only thing that works for me long term. I actually feel normal and not like I'm just trying to get through the day sticking to a diet. By the way I'm at if you want to check me out.

  2. I like your blog name with the piece of cake. My weight loss journey involves counting calories and exercising. When people ask me how I'm losing weight I answer, "Eat less, move more." Sounds simple but isn't always. A year ago this very day (New Years, 2010) I weighed 247.6. This morning I weighed 204.4. I had hoped for 52 pounds, but didn't make it, but I cannot consider 43 pounds unsuccessful. I am going to follow you so I can see the progress you make this year.


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