Friday, January 1, 2010

Of course its the old weight loss resolution

Am I the only one that made a New Years resolution to return to the diet with a vengeance and get this weight off; oh and to keep the weightloss blog updated? Well whats a new years update without a weight tell all? Okay so here's the complete summary of my weight loss thus far.

January 2008 I weighed 252 pounds. January 2009 I weighed 211.5 pounds. January 2010 I weigh 222 pounds.

That means that I lost 41.5 pounds in 2008, and gained 10.5 in 2009, leaving me with a net loss of exactly 30 pounds in two years.

So now all that is behind and I'm moving on! This year I will finish what I started 2 years ago. I'm changing my little block of info by the piece of cake on the header. I'm starting from zero because really I cant rest on past laurels forever. I could have it say that I lost 30 pounds the last two years but that's old news so it's a fresh start.

By doing this it sorta helps me think of myself as thinner; like the 252 pound person no longer exists and I'm just a 222 pound person wanting to lose weight. That just helps me mentally somehow.

So here we go into the New Year. I hope all of you see your weight loss goals realized this year!


  1. Happy New Year, Mrs. Darling - good luck on your journey this year!

  2. 30lb loss is still amazing! It's ok to still take credit for that weight loss! But I completely understand of wanting to see yourself in a new light. :) Obviously you've had the past experience and can do it again! Good luck!

  3. Fresh starts are a good thing, but I do agree that 30 lbs. kept of for 2 yrs. is still a VERY good thing.


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