Saturday, January 30, 2010

On the wagon again!

Just finished Jeanette Fulda's book, Half - Assed! Its an excellent book and has given me a boost on this journey. I feel like I can do this thing now too. I only have 70 pounds to lose, not 200!

It also shows me how essential it is that I get out there and start exercising. Like everyone I suppose, I wonder how I will fit it in my schedule and how it will effect my hunger and yadda yadda. I've always been much better at eating right than I have been at exercising.

The funny thing is that I have had times in my life where exercise has been fun and enjoyable. Back in 1992 I started an exercise program of walking and biking that continued for 3 years. I rode and walked an average of 60 miles a week. It wasn't overkill but it was very doable for my life style then.

Back then I also weighed 70 pounds less than now. It's hard to believe that it was that many years ago. Anyway, in 1993 I had to have surgery. I recall still being groggy from the anesthesia when I overheard the nurses talking. It was the change of shift and the one was explaining to the other about my procedure and whatever it is they have to know before changing shifts.

I could barely make out the night nurse as she looked over my chart but I clearly remember her asking the other nurse, "Oh, do we have a marathon runner here?" The other nurse said she didn't know but "it appeared like I was." The night nurse was looking at all my blood pressures that had been charted along with other vital statistics.

Oh what sweet words! In 1996 I had my daughter after lots of stress and hormone shots for infertility. I gained 100 pounds in that year. Never again have I had anyone ask if I was a marathon athlete.

The funny thing was that I actually enjoyed exercise in those days. Even now when I do all my gardening and yard work in the summer I feel empowered by the fresh air and exercise and muscle that all come as a part of it.

I feel like I have my diet back on course right now. It took me to the end of January to actually get back on course but this is my year. I'm aiming for an average of four pounds lost every month this year. If I can do that I will be 48 pounds thinner by next January.

You wonder why I don't shoot higher? Well, I am not a young chick anymore. I will be 50 years old this spring and it takes a whole lot more effort to lose the weight than it used to. I will be happy if I can maintain a 4 pound monthly average.

Now to get outside and get some walking in! I'm so ready to do this! February is going to see me tackle this like it is my very life....which it is!

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  1. Good luck! I also refuse to eat diet food, and I've lost 50 of 70 pounds without it. I exercise a lot and wouldn't give that up for anything, though I could eat a bit less. I lost about 30 pounds last year, I think the last 20 may take me all year.


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