Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Water How I Hate You!

Well my weight seems to stay the same these days! I have to make it budge. At least its not going up! I will take this stalemate any day next to that awful scenario. I've been drinking water and it just could be that my body doesn't really know what that's all about. Days will go by and I wont drink a drop of water. I kid you not!

I'm sure I operate in a dehydrated mode most of the time. So now that I'm filling my body with water I'm just sitting here without a budge on the scale. I'm working with my calories and my overall diet plan, tweaking this and tweaking that and still sitting.

They say you are suppose to lose weight when you start drinking water. Well I have never experienced that and I think I've finally figured out why. Here's what happens. I am so dehydrated that my newly hydrated body is a mystery both to itself and to me. So I weigh every morning like usual but I see no loss, sometimes I even see a gain, because now I'm weighing in water that has found its way into my cells and where ever else that stuff goes, and water weighs heavy!

After about three days of drinking water I give up because of the weight gain or the lack of a change in numbers just isn't worth it to me. I hate water. So I quit. Now I have a feeling that if I could keep going I would see the benefits of water. But instead I get upset because my hydrated body weighs more than my dehydrated one. That's just not fair!

Well, I'm thinking this time I might hang in there and see what my body does with the water. It had better figure this all out soon or once again I am going to ditch that weight gaining liquid.

Yes I know all the benefits of drinking water. I'm just writing from my feelings here, not from the knowledge in my head...after all feelings and all those little mind games play a huge role in whether we lose the weight or not!

And Internet can I please ask you again to stop telling us how much weight you have to loose? People, the word is lose! Everywhere, everyone is writing the word loose and I'm not sure I can stand it anymore! How can you not know the difference between those two words?


  1. I think you're totally right that you would see a loss if you kept up with the water! Actually the first time I started WW (several years ago), I went from drinking no water to drinking a LOT and my first week on the program I actually gained a pound! Talk about discouraging! But my leader looked at my tracker and concluded that the water was a likely suspect, and just advised me to keep it up and I know it did help. I've never had any more problem with water causing me to gain weight, once I got through that first week.

  2. I'm sure your body will adjust soon. Keep it up!

    The substitution of loose for lose drives me crazy! A while back, someone corrected a friend on the incorrect usage and the friend said it was a reference to a character in some show. Still, it is annoying.

    Another acquaintance of mine mixes up to and too. It drives my sister and I crazy. My sister has tried the subtle approach of correcting her and it has not worked. We are at a loss as to how to help her without seeming rude.

  3. And Brandi Im just wondering how many people really know its a substition for a character on TV? If that is so I doubt that many people know that. Its just monkey see monkey do. Everyone else writes it that way so I better too. Hey, look at those last two sentences. I'm such a poet!

  4. Maybe if the weight was loose it wouldn't be so hard to lose!!


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