Friday, July 2, 2010

Summertime and a new beginning

Well I didn't fall off the map here. I have just been hugely busy! For the first time in two years I don't have any idea what I weighed at the beginning of June. I do however know my weight at the beginning of this month. I am just not ready to say it yet though.

What I am ready to tell you though is that I have started a diet of my own making. I didn't say anything at first because I didn't want this to be something I was "going" to do! I wanted to actually do and know I could before I told anyone.

So here is what I have modified for myself. I have made a diet wherein I drink protein shakes and eat raw fruits and vegetables. It seems to be working just fine. I ha vent had any food cravings but my blood sugar is swooping around a bit. The trick is to fine tune things enough that my sugar stays stable.

I've been using premade protein drinks because at the beginning of the diet I just didn't want to deal with making my own. The problem with the premade shakes is that they contain way too much sugar for me. I found one with 27 grams of protein which was lovely but it had 18 grams of sugar. I just cant do that. I get immediately tired and absolutely could fall asleep on the spot.

The ones that work the best are the ones designed for the Atkins program; they are high in protein and very low in sugar. But even then my blood sugar waffles around. I know from past experiences that some of the dips in blood sugar are caused from changing my diet and cutting the calorie count. It happens every time. The only times I don't feel it are when I've fitfully started the Atkins diet. It has enough protein to hold my blood sugar at a stable level. I expect in a few more days I will level out. At any rate I have been having great success with this way of eating. I have decided I will continue it for 4 more weeks and see how it goes and so far I'm happy with it!

Today I have had 2 protein shakes, fresh peas from the garden, a salad, and a banana. Oh, of course, I have had my coffee. And yes, I need to make a little confession here, I had a fish stick. I was making fish sticks for the kids lunch and I broke one in half to see if it was done. Without even thinking I popped it in my mouth! It was done so what else was there to do with it! Well its hard to break old habits but I'm trying!


  1. Interesting and educative post. I know losing those pounds are extremely difficult but if you put your mind to it, I know it will be as easy as a pie. Check out this weight loss supplements Acai Berry Pure . It works

  2. Try reading Women Food and God. Dieting is obsessing about food: restricting to punish yourself, permitting treats because you deserve it for being "good", and continuously gaining and losing for life.
    That book is life-changing.

  3. Thanks B I'll do just that. I have been trying to find something to read to motivate me!

  4. In my personal experience losing weight always seeded like a punishment. I completely hated it but who doesn't?
    I finally took my first step and I started thinking in my new life change not really as a new diet. I lost all the baby weight and extra 8 pounds in 3 months. I was just making the right choices. I wish you a happy journey. Mine is still going. I feel this was not a matter of losing weight but also keeping it off.


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