Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Never Thought This Could Happen To Me

Dear Readers,

If you have been following this blog the last couple of weeks you will have read only two entries. If you read those entries and if you have battled blood sugar like I have then you might have seen this post coming! If you saw the end result of those two entries then you are smarter and more in tune with your body than I am!

I did pause to question a few things throughout the last several weeks. I commented to my husband that I think I will just quit eating because every time I do I feel incredibly tired afterward. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. It was so frustrating! It didnt matter if I ate sugar or protein and vegetables, I just wanted to fall asleep afterward!

Then there were the headaches! I was fighting continual headaches! I contributed them to hormone changes and sugar. I always get headaches when I eat sugar. Of course that only stops me for brief periods of time, usually until the headache is gone.

Then there was this past weekend when I wrote that I ate all that junk food and sugar. I recall sitting at the table and thinking to myself, "This is weird. I just cant seem to stop eating sugar!" Did you read of the coma type sleep I go into when I have sugar?

Well, in spite of all these little warnings I was still having trouble correcting my diet. Monday morning I awoke to an incredible itching all over my body! My scalp itched! My stomach itched! My face itched so much I thought I was going to claw it off! My inner thighs itched! I finally slowed down long enough to say to myself, "Something is wrong!"

I was furiously scratching my legs as I headed to the bathroom to wash my arms. I had been outside watering the flowers and just assumed that I had gotten pollen all over myself. I am highly allergic to outdoor pollens. While I was in the bathroom washing my arms I glanced in the mirror and saw huge red blots the size of my finger snaking across my legs! They were angry, blood red streaks, some over an inch wide and three inches long! I was horrified!

I ran to my computer and googled "dark red spots on legs". Up popped the word that would change my diet in a very real way for the next few months, if not a lifetime! CANDIDA

Now I have had yeast infections in my life but nothing that covered my body like this! The more I read about it the more amazed I was. It was like reading a book about myself; the extreme sugar cravings, the overdosing of sugar that feeds the yeast, the headaches, the tiredness after eating - it was all there!

When my husband got home from work I told him what I had discovered. He just looked at me and said,"When are you going to figure out that you are allergic to sugar!" He's right! I have had sugar problems for years but for some reason seeing the visual confirmation of what sugar does to me was unsettling!

I had been on a headlong trip, a downward spiral to this massive outbreak of candida for weeks now. My four day weekend binge of sugar was too much for my body and the yeast spilled out of the intestines and into my blood stream. Even as I sit here writing this the back of my legs against the chair itch incredibly! I cannot quit scratching my scalp. Small rashy bumps cover my face and arms.

I have no choice but to go on the candida diet! I make my own yogurt so that will be highly beneficial right now. Otherwise the diet is basically meat, fish and vegetables with a little dairy! That's it! I am more than willing to do it though!

Anything is better than this incredible itching!

Does anyone know of any good blogs with diet recipes for candida? Have any of you had candida and if so did you do the diet and did it work to clear it up?


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