Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Okay, this isnt working. I have gained five pounds this month. It appears that even while cutting out sugar and gluten I have an amazing ability to gain weight. I will still have to cut calories. So that is my new plan. Stay away from sugar and gluten and count calories. I have decided that I will use this page to help with accountability.

My goals this week are to get out and walk at least twice before Monday and to stay at 1400 calories. I plan on posting whether or not I stick with my caloric goals.

This is no fun!


  1. Is it possible that the stress of having a visitor had something to do with the weight gain?

    I hope you can be successful!

  2. I'm sorry you are struggling with an up phase! Count those calories - you can lose the five and then some.

  3. If you're eating GF you have to be really careful - some (alot) of GF foods are very calorie laden. Stick to mainly naturally GF foods (quinoa, sweet potatoes/potatoes, veggies - get your carbs from starchy veggies) and it will be better. GF foods are improving but a lot still lack added nutrients so (esp. the bread) is like eating regular white bread (as far as nutrition goes).
    KOKO (keep on keeping on)...sometimes it takes the scale a little longer to show results. And if you're exercising, sometimes moving from fat to muscle makes the difference.
    Journal, journal, journal.
    ((( hugs )))

  4. I just landed on your page by a complete fluke thanks to the browse button in blogger. I'm sorry you're experiencing so many frustrations. Loosing weight especially after changing your diet can be difficult. You might want to track the inches you lose along with lbs. I just wrote a piece talking about why I'm having trouble eating healthily so I understand where you are coming from. http://neemsnthings.blogspot.com/

  5. Loosing weight is journey and one need to be focused,because if you loose focus is back to square one.Take things easy and take your time.Join a group to exercise with.


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