Friday, September 10, 2010

Uneven Ground

I am struggling. It seems I am either totally on this program or I am totally off; no middle ground. I'm about ready to go strictly to a liquid diet - get the weight off and then worry about the sugar and yeast! I am just so frustrated I could scream!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh I know your frustration. I'd like to do that also, but as I always remind our TOPS members, in order to be successful in this weight loss thing, we need to learn to live in the "real world", which means that we need to eat "real food". For your restrictions it makes it very difficult (more difficult than my gluten-free diet) b/c sugars are in EVERYTHING! So ((( hugs ))) - you CAN do this. How about getting support on a sugar/yeast diet message board? I'm SURE you're not the only frustrated one out there.

  2. Yep. I so completely understand! I'm either in it 100% or not at all. I wish you well on your journey!


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