Sunday, October 17, 2010

After Hours of Research

I have a cold, a bad one! But in one way it has been a good thing. It has slowed me down enough that I have had lots of time to research this way of eating. I think I may be getting a handle on exactly what I am suppose to eat and what I'm not suppose to.

This yeast diet is not for the feint of heart. I am simply amazed at how little is out there about this yeast problem. I finally found a forum where the people are pretty knowledgeable and where they have some resources listed for recipes and such.

The diet consists of a lot of vegetables and I am not a vegetable lover. It looks like I will have to become one if I want to wipe out this candida. Of course, I don't mind cooked veggies, in fact I'm quite fond of them cooked, but this diet puts a strong emphasis on the raw veggies.

I really dont have a choice about this diet. I itch all over. It's now become a survival thing!

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