Saturday, October 23, 2010


Is this what its all about? Deny, deny, deny. Tonight I ate a small blizzard. I wanted a big one. I ate the small cause I knew I should. I went all week eating mostly protein and trying not to go over 30 carbs a day. Did it work? No! I gained a pound. That's why I had the blizzard. I had to some how get even with somebody or something!

I'm not done trying. I'm going to pick myself up and keep going. This is soooooo hard. Why, oh why isn't there an easier way? I eat protein, I get constipated. I add in the salads and raw veggies and get an IBS attack. I eat sugar I get yeast infections. I eat grains and I feel ....hmmm... I guess I feel okay. Now what?


  1. No fun. ((( hugs ))) Do you think that maybe you're trying too many things at once? Are you journalling? Is going GF helping you? (I felt results within 3 days but some people take longer.) You might just need to eat "simply" (i.e. veggies steamed so they're not so hard on your system) while your gut heals - and then move on little by little, adding new foods. Hope this info helps and doesn't discourage you! I DO understand the frustrations.

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  3. Stopping by to say hello. It's been over a year since I've really been around, but I'm back... :)

  4. So, you are trying to diet... well my friend anna is a personal trainer at the local rush, but she is totally 100% into being healthy and fit, so eating right is the key. In the morning she suggested I eat a whole weat flat bread sandwich with egg whites only and 3 hours later eat a banana or something like that.. then 3 hours later a light lunch (maybe another whole wheat flat bread sandwich with deli sliced turkey) cut out mayo and other condiments unless you can eat fat free.. use its all free and you can track you weight your calories and carbs by simply entering your nutrition facts in 1 time and saving them and using them over again it is awesome and it may help you out a lot. Also cut out ALL fast foods and try not to eat any breads except the whole weat or mutligrain flats... cut your calories back as far as you can and do more of a protien, good fat intake.. Mono unsat fats are the good fats. Fruits, salads without dressing or FF dressing, lots of vegies no starches I have lost 11 lbs in less than 2 months

  5. I don't believe in eliminating food groups. I think that we need to have a balanced diet. Have you tried eating only when you're hungry and stopping before you're full? I start my day out with a little whole grain and some protein, and then I don't eat again until I'm sure that I'm hungry (as opposed to just wanting to eat). Drinking lots and lot of water and having fruit throughout the day has helped me immensely.

    And stay away from Dairy Queen - it's the devil!

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