Friday, October 8, 2010

Not giving up

Well my weight is still the same this week. I will not give up. I just have to find what works. I got a hold of sugar this week and it just reminded me again how awful I feel with that poison on board. I must avoid it like the plague! I bought some shoes to start a walking program and promptly lost one of them! Unbelievable! I looked everywhere and I cant find it. I'm going to have to buy more cause I cannot walk in my regular shoes. It kills my back and I get incredible shin pains when I I walk without the proper foot gear.

Last night I went out to dinner with girlfriends and had a long talk with a friend who lost 90 pounds about ten years ago. She has kept it off all this time. Her insights were wonderful. She did by using whole grains and cutting out most meat. When she did use meat she made sure it was hormone free. Her doctor had told her that he thought her problem was mostly a hormone one and cutting out the hormones was key for her!

I don't plan on cutting out hormones. Yes, I try to watch the hormones with my family but I just cant cut them all out. It was however, hugely inspiring to talk to someone who was successful at this. So onward I go, ever trying, ...and maybe some day attaining the dream.

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