Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Frantically scrambling to get back on

Oh this is just awful. I cant get things back where they were. What's so hard about drinking water and protein shakes and snacking on protein bars until dinner? At dinner I can have a dinner salad and a lean cuisine. That's not so hard! Why am I making it difficult? I am so mad at myself. I just want to lose this weight. I must stick to what I know works.

PS. Do not email me and tell me I can snack on raw veggies. I cant. I have IBS and I never know when raw veggies will trigger an extreme bout of diarrhea. I cant afford to have all that pain and cramping when I'm teaching school. During the school day and when I'm away at tournaments I have to eat as bland as possible to avoid an attack.


  1. its hard. Sometime accepting that something IS difficult, makes it "easier". :)

    Its hard, but you know its hard, so you can do it!! No surprises.

  2. Hi there! Just wanted to offer two things: my encouragement, and a suggestions for a healthy snack that can also help with your IBS symptoms: non-fat yogurt! You can add some frozen blueberries & cherries to a Tupperware container of yogurt, and the frozen berries will even keep the yogurt cool & fresh until lunchtime (or snacktime!) Make sure to get all-natural yogurt with no added chemicals or sweeteners (I use Nancy's organic) and above all, make sure it has live cultures, as the healthy bacteria will help your digestive issues! Hope that helps!!

  3. I was going to suggest yogurt too! Specifically, I've found that Activia helps with my IBS.

    I'm doing Weight Watchers and I eat an egg white with a tiny bit of cheese on a whole wheat english muffin for breakfast. Lunch is a big salad with whatever dressing I want, I just use a tablespoon or so for the whole salad...or a sandwich on Arnold's sandwich thin bread with a side of pretzels. I use a tiny bit of light mayo or mustard only, depending on what sounds good that day.

    Dinner is a big salad. I might have a bite or two of what everyone else is having, but that's it. If I must snack, I eat string cheese wrapped in a single piece of sandwich meat. I drink water or for a treat, diet lipton fruit flavored green tea. It's working for me, thank goodness. If I'm out and cheat a little, I can adjust things at home. That's why WW is working for me...it sets a limit and I can have treats if they fit into my allowance.

    That's just my two cents. Dieting is hard, I know. Good luck.

  4. Thanks for the info. Dealing with addiction can be hard and you should have an intervention for people you love when they need the extra help.


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