Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Sad Tale

Aaaargghh! I must figure out how best to eat away from home. My daughter has a lot of volleyball tournaments that mean sitting all day in games. I pack a cooler and the proper snacks but I somehow gain weight every tournament. Some of it is water weight from not moving much all day and some of it has to be that I am eating too many calories of the good things. So now my plan is to pack only 1200 calories of stuff in the cooler. Of course, there's always a food table set up but I've been pretty successful at staying away from that.

I just have to figure this thing out. Yesterday I had breakfast of scrambled eggs and a sausage patty.  I ate only seeds and nuts, dried fruit and cheese, water, coffee, diet Pepsi, and jerky at the tournament. I rode 4 hours on a bus, sat 10 hours on bleachers and rode four hours back. I gained 2 pounds.


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  2. Eating away from home is always tricky -- I work in an Applebee's, so I'm constantly six seconds away from shoving chocolate and fries in my mouth. But it's physiologically impossible to gain two pounds of fat in a day, so it must be water/intestinal contents.

    I admit I haven't read through your entire blog, so I'm not sure what your approach to weight loss is. From your eating yesterday, though, I'm guess it's a lower carb approach? Perhaps the dried fruit is causing an insulin rush that's causing water retention -- I've never found a dried fruit that wasn't very high sugar. Just a guess though.

  3. I hope you find a workable solution!

    Could it be water retention from the sodium in the Diet Pepsi? My mom has trouble with her ankles swelling and it is always worse when she drinks her diet pop. Hmm...the jerky might have a high sodium content as well.

    That is a lot of sitting! Can you take some short walks between your daughter's games?

    God bless,

  4. I would urge you to avoid the diet drinks, if anything you will gain more weight due to numerous factors. I do agree eating away from home is tricky, which is why during my diet I found it helpful to eat before tournaments and games or any event. Drink more water, fidget a bit more if possible pace around during games. Lower your sodium intake and if anything go on a 24 hours detox.

  5. AW! Imagine finding you here! Makes my day~DO NOT give up! :) ~I'm posting under an alias~


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