Saturday, March 12, 2011

A diet for everything, for everything a diet

I canceled my WW subscription. I have spent $93 for nothing. It hit me today that my biggest problem is that I dont have a plan.
I get up in the morning determined to count calories. By noon I realize that there is no way that I will be able to stay in my calorie limits for the day so I switch to Atkins because I have had  a ton of protein and miraculously no carbs. So I am still within the Atkins plan regardless of calories consumed. Then along comes the late afternoon and I really crave carbs. I switch to the Carbohydrate Addicts diet that allows you to have unlimited carbs for one hour a day. I eat my unlimited carbs and the hour is up.
Much later it is time for dinner. Hubby brings home some pita bread and some greek olives. I think of all the wonderful combinations I could make with cream cheese, smoked salmon the pita bread and olives, some bruschetta and...oh, that is the Omega 3 Diet. Okay so now I will switch to the Omega 3 diet. That will probably be  a better fit anyway. So by 7:00 I have consumed way too many calories all within the limits of some diet some where.
There's a problem with knowing too much about diets! Okay, this is written with a little bit of satire but you get the point.
I really need a diet plan I can stick with. I have to do some serious thinking here. The real problem is that I need to get serious about losing weight!! Any plan works when I work the plan!


  1. I have been battling the same thing for 6 years, and know every diet and read tons of books. My friend sent me Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst in January, and it is changing my life. It gave me the will to want to do something and stick with it. It helped my mental part of dieting greatly. The second thing that is changing my way of eating is the book clean by Dr. Junger. Even my 70 year old mom has done his clean eating cleanse and program, and loves it. My husband just did it with me and it is changing both of our lives eating wise. I don't know either of these people, so this is not a sales pitch that I get anything from or a spam. I just know I was desperate, and both of these resources are really helping.

  2. for me, diets have always way to restricting, for the past few months i have really been looking at food as energy, and its nutrients. Making sure i'm getting my portioned vegetables, fruits, proteins and carbs. Diets tend to restrict on of the main contributors of energy (like fat or carbs, or calories in general) But you really need all of those things in one form or another to stay healthy and not have super cravings and urges.
    I think the important part for all the foods if portion control, but that is just what has actually worked for me in my years of yoyo dieting. I hope you find what works for you!

  3. ((( hugs ))) We've all been there, I think. You have to decide what you're going to do (specifically) and how long you're going to do it for - and then give it your best. I would suggest small segments of time, i.e. 3 months. And then reassess. But during that time, you need to commit. At the beginning, getting through one day will be difficult, but it WILL get easier. Discuss w/ your family what you need to do and ask for their support. And have a friend for accountability.
    Are you in Canada? Just curious if you have access to the Weight Management Centres They are OHIP covered weight management centres - wonderful support & guidance!


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