Friday, March 18, 2011

On My Way

I realize that a lot of the reason I struggle with weight loss is because of negative talk in my head. I have dieted so much of my life that I find a bit of rebellious freedom in nit dieting and eating anything I want. If I start a diet plan and mess up the first day I can tell myself its no big deal cause I really haven't been dieting anyway and I can always start tomorrow.

Its strange see, I have never had a huge thing with food where I get up at night and eat, nor do I eat a lot of prepackaged and unhealthy foods. I grow my own veggies and can my own food. I make dinner every night for my family.

My problem with weight is simply that I consume more calories than I burn. I am a teacher so most of my day consists of sitting or standing. I am really going to try to get out and exercise at least three times a week. I use to be a huge exercise fan. I exercised daily for over three years. Then I had surgery and then a baby and I never got back to it.

I really feel my determination growing to actually do this and be successful this time!! I need to plan my daily intake a little better. Instead of eating something and then counting it, I need to count it and then eat it. I'm excited to get rolling on this! Summer is around the corner and I would love to have about 30 pounds off by the fourth of July. Here in Oregon we don 't really hit summer until July. Up until that point it's pretty much solid rain.

Thirty pounds by July is doable if I focus and count every calorie! I've been reading the Beck Diet Solution to get my head in the game and get these negative thoughts turned around!


  1. get a mantra that you can say to yourself before eating. :)

    Something.... POSITIVE!!

    you can do it!

  2. Beck is very good. There's also a cognitive therapy book by Valerie Taylor (you can check online - and it's even available to read online) which is wonderful. They recommend it at the WMC.

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