Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 12

I lost half a pound yesterday. I think I had too much salt. I drank a cup of low sodium organic chicken broth and it still tasted salty. Later in the day I craved salt so I added extra to my protein. I also ate beef for the second time on this diet. Those things I will never do again until this phase is over.

Today I'm doing a garage sale and right in the middle of it, I have to leave to go speak at a children's conference. This evening I'm taking my daughter to her school play. Yesterday I made cupcakes for favors for the kids at the conference. I didn't eat a one, nor did I take a bite of one. I am doing this diet about as strictly as is humanly possible. My hope is that when I am done I will have no regrets of time wasted. This is so incredibly hard. I have no intentions of doing it again.

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