Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 11 Things don't really get better like they say it will.

Well in all of Blogger's goofing around, they seem to have lost my day 10 post! Oh well. The diet continues to tax every bit of will power I have in me! Some days I think I might just die! Today the scales shows a loss of another 3/4 pounds. That takes me to 226 which is 14 pounds lost.

I am drinking over two quarts of liquid a day which is huge for me. I hate drinking water! My life savers are tomato slices zapped in the microwave and sprinkled with vinegar and basil. The other one is cooked apples. I cook an apple in the microwave and sprinkle it with stevia and cinnamon.

I love fish but I have noticed that I don't feel as full after using fish as my protein. I still use it though when I'm not having a real bad day. I am not a tea drinker but I have been drinking more tea on this diet than I have in my entire life.

Yesterday's food:

baked apple slices
7 oz grilled chicken
microwaved tomatoes
3 garlic melba toast rounds
1/2 grapefruit

When you look at how little food is actually on this diet, it's easy to see that one has to be living off the fat that the hcg triggers the body to release. Otherwise, it would be impossible to survive!
I really don't think that I am hungry. Yes, my stomach growls a lot, but I think most of my problem on this diet is in my head. I just want to eat the good food all around me!

Oh well, I will hang in there! Are there any other hcg'ers reading this? If so, how much weight have you lost and what day are you on?


  1. I'm not on HCG, but I do follow strict diets for fitness and figure competitions....hang in there, you're right it is mostly in our head! I don't know much about this diet, are you able to take vitamins and minterals to supplement any nutrients you may be missing out on due to the limited variety of food allowed?? Good Luck!

  2. I agree about making sure you take vitamins.

  3. Yes, I do take vitamins and potassium and such. One really has to on this diet.

  4. Ha Ha Ha...Have you had cupcakes on your blog or is that new?

    Now I'm hungry!

    Keep up the good job! You can do it!

  5. Yes, I'm on HCG as I mentioned a couple days ago in a comment. :) haha. Since it's Anonymous I figured you I should mention that. :) I have lost 6 pounds, I just ended day 9 today. I am taking vitamins. I had a really bad day yesterday with major cheating! And now I'm back to craving things worse than ever! But I was good today! Hopefully the scale will reflect it in the morning. I'm drinking 2 LITERS, not quarts a day! It was hard at first but now I'm craving the water. I don't drink anything else but water. I'm looking forward to the day I hit 14lbs!! Good luck!! Your doing great! :)


  6. These cupcakes are new but I have had other cupcakes on before.Glad you like them. They are meant to go with my blog title.


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