Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 14 Still messing up

Okay, so I ate closer to 1000 cals yesterday. I did not eat all the sugar I ate on day 12 but I still messed up. I have to stop and re-evaluate. I have many friends on this diet in real life. They are not struggling like this.

 I can only think that my candida is playing a larger role than I originally thought it would. From what I have read online, those with candida have way stronger hunger pains. So last night I bought a candida cleanse. I am going to do it along with the diet. I did not buy Trelac that is suppose to be so good for it. I can only find that onlne and I just wanted to see if I could get by with something I could start using today.

I am going to bring my calories up to 800 and do the hcg with the cleanse. I don't know what will happen but anything is worth a try. There is no rush. If it takes me a year to lose this weight than so be it. I just need an easier method. This has been one long nightmare. The two weeks feel like forever!

A part of me is sad that I couldn't continue like I was but instead of getting better things were getting worse. I am exhausted from fightng an uphill battle all this time. We will see how I do on the 800 calorie diet.


  1. I'm just behind you on this diet (today is day 11) and I'm struggling too. Maybe it's our bodies fighting for the cravings we have? The past couple days have been horrible for me and I've pretty much given in and eaten what I want! Today I'm going to try and stay on track. How many ounces of protein are you getting? if it's 3.5 maybe consider bumping it to 6oz? I'm doing this through a weight loss clinic with a Dr and because I'm over 150lb I get 6oz of meat. And actually, since you are over 200 you should have 8oz of meat according to the plan I'm on. That will bump you up to the 700-800 calories your looking for I bet.

    Good luck!! If my plan is different than yours and you want more details on mine, let me know.


  2. Just found your blog and decided to follow since I am also trying to lose wt right now. I've never heard of HCG. What is is?

    my blog is at

  3. C I'm getting 3.5 ozs of meat twice a day. I have just added a protein shake of 80 calories for breakfast. I am eating another serving of fruit too. Do you have a link to thr version you are on? If not can you tell me more about it?

    KC, hcg is the pregnancy hormone. I take it in drops the homeopathic way. You can google it and find all sorts of info on it.

  4. Wow keep it up.... its tough but your body settles in. I 'upped' my water intake to 100 oz. and that made a big difference for me. I know how comments are such great support. I can only hope people post on mine as well. Best wishes and keep in touch!

  5. Yeah, I don't think your eating nearly enough. WHEN I stick to the diet, I get great results and I FEEL amazing!! It's just those cravings that are killer! Here's the scoop on mine:

    Breakfast: One approved fruit (Apple, orange, 6 strawberries, 1/2 grapefruit) all fruit can be the biggest you can find!
    Any non-calorie fluids in any amount

    Lunch: 6oz (you should do 8) approved protein (measured AFTER cooking) - veal, steak, ground beef 97% lean, chicken (no skin), 3/4 cup egg whites, lobster, crab, shrimp, fresh white fish (halibut, swardfish, bass, founder, pike, brooke, trout, tilapia, snapper)
    1 1/2 cups approved veggies (can mix!) Spinach, chard, green salad (unlimited), tomatoes, cabbage, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, celery, beet-greens, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, chicory

    Snack (or dessert!) - 1 approved fruit

    Dinner, same portions as lunch, try not to repeat same foods but you CAN if you need to.

    2 liters of water a day - can also have coffee/tea, soda water, crystal light (up to 24oz), mineral water, diet soft drink (2 cans per day) but all this is ON TOP OF your water intake.

    NO margarine, butter, oil or dressings
    Check ALL labels for added sugar, including seasonings and spices

    you know the rest (1tbsp fat free milk, no sugar, splenda, etc OK, all spices and seasonings, juice of 1 lemon...

    Let me know if you have questions! Good luck!!


  6. Okay C, the only difference is that they are allowing you six ounces of protein at each meal while they are allowing me 3.5 oz of protein at each meal. The end result is that I get 7 oz of protein and you get 12 oz. which would be a lot easier I must say!

    SA ater helps a lot. I am drinking about 3 quarts a day.


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