Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 15

So this brings me to my 2 week weigh in. I weighed this morning to get my total lost for the first 14 days. Because of my goofing around my total is not what it should be. In 14 days my net loss is 11 pounds; still not a bad loss, but I gained 2 pounds when I messed up. My current weight is 229 pounds.

So on to a new day. The sun is shining and I feel VERY ready to face this diet again.

In the days I was off I tried my coffee with half n half. I have been craving my old cup of coffee. I never drank coffee with sugar but I always had real half n half. I cant stand the powdered stuff. I was very particular about my coffee. So in those days I added half n half to my coffee. It tasted terrible. It was such a disappointment! But it can be a good thing too. Now I know there's nothing out there waiting beyond my cup of black coffee every morning.

I also had a return of my heartburn I lived with almost continually. That was no fun! I had some sugar on the first day I went off and again, my old tiredness from the insulin slump kicked in! All that is no fun. The diet is hard but all I have to struggle with there is hunger pains, psychological wishing, and migraines. The migraines come no matter what I'm eating so I may as well go for it.

This is a good day to right all wrongs. I tutor from 2:30 to 6pm. My family eats dinner at 5:30 so it will all be put away before I come downstairs from the schoolroom. I will be sequestered right over my most tempting and hungry part of the day. I'm still struggling with candida. I might have to go see a natureopath over that one!

So anyway, in spite of all my grumblings I am not down about this. I'm actually feeling very good. I have been perfectly on plan today and I will continue to stay on plan. I have added protein shakes to the main menu and it makes a world of difference.

Now I must go fix a quart of water with lemon and stevia. I have a lot to do today.


  1. Sometimes it just takes a while for your tastebuds to get accustomed to a new taste - and a lot of tastes are acquired. I'd give yourself some time. I put a tablespoon of skim milk powder in my coffee - have for years. I still prefer cream - but hey, I do enjoy it w/ the skim milk powder!

  2. I never drank coffee but I always had sugar in my tea. Now, thanks to Candida, I will never do sugar again. I really miss it and nothing will ever taste the same..... but, I am feeling much better... so!!

    Just wanted to let you know the Probiotic giveaway is up on my blog. I know you said you could really use it. Thanks Terry

  3. Thanks Terry. I did go check it and the list of stuff to do is daunting! LOL I haven't taken the time to go through it all yet!

  4. Hi Mrs. Darling!
    First of all, WAY TO GO!!! I stumbled upon your blog and am SO excited for you. I am doing the hcg thing and have lost 55 lbs. so far. I had to take a break and am back in swing again. I am eating 1000 calories a day and the weight loss is a little slower, but I feel like it is manageable. You should check out my website: smalginas.blogspot.com We could share recipes if you want. Best of luck to you!

  5. Hi Mrs. Darling, I'm just checking in with you again. I see you haven't posted in a couple days. Can I encourage you NOT to give up posting? Even if you aren't doing that great! I keep notes in my facebook and it helps to hold me accountable. How are you doing today? I'm still having a hard time with cheating but every day is a new day! One thing I've learned in the past 15 days is that will power is a LEARNED skill. It takes practice to grow it. Every time we say no to something, our will power grows a little stronger. Keep going, don't stop! I know you can do this!! You DESERVE it!

    Malia, I'm also on HCG (day 15 for me but only down 6 :( ). I'm going to check out your blog. Congrats on the 55 pounds!!

    Take care!


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